Constitution & Bylaws

The WTA constitution outlines the fundamental rules and principles which direct the operation of the union, while the bylaws present specific rules, guidelines and procedures.

The constitution clarifies the WTA’s purpose – to promote and advance the cause of education, foster active participation by members of the Association and to promote the welfare of the members – and provides the foundation to building an effective group.

The bylaws provide further explanation of the constitution and can be more easily adapted as the needs of the WTA change. However, the bylaws should not contradict the provisions in the constitution.


  1. Authority and Name
  2. Objects of the Association
  3. Duties of the Association
  4. Eligibility for Membership
  5. Electoral Units
  6. Council of the Association
  7. Executive of the Association
  8. Table Officers of the Association
  9. Committees of the Association
  10. Election Procedure
  11. Meetings of Members
  12. Rules of Procedure
  13. Annual Membership Fees
  14. Amendments to the Consitution and/or By-Laws
  15. By-Laws and Effect of Previous Decisions of the Association
  16. Signing Officers of the Association

By-Law I
By-law II