WTA Executive

WTA Executive

The Executive of the Winnipeg Teachers’ Association (WTA) consists of the:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Immediate Past-President of the Association and
  • Up to nine additional members

The Association’s Business Agent also may attend Executive meetings and may participate in debate.

The Executive is responsible for:

  • Conducting day-to-day business;
  • Carrying out the instructions provided by Council; and
  • Delegating responsibilities not defined by the Constitution or bylaws to any one or more of the WTA members.

Every year on June 15, the new Executive takes office after being elected by membership. At their first meeting, which must be scheduled before June 30, they select Chairpersons for the standing committees and bring everyone up to speed on constitutional information, committee functions and any past or current problems.

Eight additional Executive meetings are held over the course of the year, which the President can call at any time. Additionally, a collection of any five members of the Executive can request a meeting.

A minimum of eight Executive members must be present at the Executive meeting to have quorum. Being absent from two or more consecutive meetings without satisfactory reasons will result in a member losing their seat on the Executive.

WTA Executive Members

Gregg Walker


Gregg is grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Winnipeg Teachers’ Association President for another year. He has 17 years of experience serving the Association in various roles from council representative, to Executive Member-at-large, to Treasurer, to Vice-President, and now President. He is most proud of his diligence and duty of care in serving the Association’s membership. He looks forward to continuing to work hard to advance the needs of Winnipeg teachers in this time of uncertainty regarding our professional status and workplace conditions. His journey as a teacher began 20 years ago, working in the Winnipeg School Division teaching Social Studies at Grant Park and Kelvin High Schools.

Gregg believes in the power of education, and that teachers are the experts in what students need to thrive as learners. Through advocacy of teaching, teachers lift our profession’s status, and in the process, we leave an indelible footprint on our communities. Teachers become invaluable as more people recognize our contributions and create opportunities for our students. And that is why he wants to continue advocating for his colleagues. Thank you for your support.

Email: wtapres@mbteach.org


Kristen Fallis

Vice President

Kristen is a long serving member of the WTA Executive and was elected to the position of Vice President in 2022. She is the chair of the Bargaining and Public relations committees for WTA, and the Co-Chair of the Workplace Safety and Health committee with WSD. She also sits as a Member-at-Large on the MTS Provincial Executive, where she currently chairs the Group Benefits Standing Committee and MPSE Trust.

Kristen has been an employee of WSD for over ten years. Throughout that time, she was a Council representative for WTA and a member of the Executive since 2015. She strives to empower members with understanding of their collective agreement and when to utilize supports from the WTA and MTS.

Prior to being in the WTA office full time, Kristen taught Music and Performing Arts for K-9 students. She enjoyed showing students that music can be fun while understanding complexities of beat, rhythm, form, and enjoying performing for others. When she’s not in the office, you can find her on a running path with her dog, Jazz, or in the Exchange District taking in an arts performance.

Email: vpres@wta.mb.ca

Sam Zurzolo


A physics, math and computer science teacher at Elmwood, Sam Zurzolo has been with the Division for ten years and on the WTA Executive for six. Sam is especially passionate about teacher welfare and uses his influence to advocate for his colleagues in the Division.

Sam is driven by his desire to work with youth, giving them the opportunities and skills they need to explore the world around them and become educated, responsible citizens.

On an evening off, Sam enjoys going out for wings.

Email: szurzolo@wta.mb.ca

Kristy Frohwerk


Kristy currently teaches Nursery and Kindergarten at Lord Nelson School. She has been an elementary classroom teacher for the past 15 years with experience teaching in almost every grade from Nursery to Grade 6. At home, Kristy spends time with her two dogs and partner Colin who is very supportive of everything she does.

Kristy has been the WTA Secretary for the past 4 years, a WTA Executive member for the past 7 years, and a WTA Council Representative for 6 years. She has attended 12 MTS AGMs, served as the chair of the AGM committee, monitoring committee and co-chair of the DSA committee. Kristy previously served on the 50th Anniversary Committee and as a Member-at-Large of Executive.

Kristy has enjoyed her time on Executive, learning alongside colleagues and doing work on behalf of members. She looks forward to the opportunity to serve as a Table Officer and the Secretary of the WTA in the 2023-2024 year.

Email: kfrohwerk@wta.mb.ca

Beth Burrows


Beth is currently a term teacher in the WSD. A proud graduate of the Kenanow Education program in The Pas (BEd), and University of Manitoba (BA), they were inspired to pursue a career in education after waking up and realising that the random trivia they’d collected over the years needed to be passed onto the next generations, and Education fit the bill. Prior to working in the WSD, they worked at Marymound, in 7-Oaks, LSSD, KSD, and the OEA where they began their Education career teaching Science. They live in Selkirk with their mom and teen, who help them rodeo the dog, cats, and fish they cohabitate with, as well as try and grow flowers and veggies, keep the floor swept, and manage the laundry. Being a part of an organisation such as the WTA is one small way that they can contribute to making the world a little better, especially when being able work with the amazing people they’ve met so far!

Email: bburrows@wta.mb.ca

David Harack


David has been passionate about supporting his fellow colleagues through his involvement with the WTA since he began teaching in 2002. He has dedicated time to chairing and sitting on various committees to better the workplace for teachers, including Group Benefits and Teacher Welfare to name a few. He has been teaching for the past 21 years at Tec Voc High School and has always been helpful with teachers seeking advice either through his direct knowledge or by directing them to the appropriate resources. David credits his mother with his decision to become an educator. She taught for many years and made many positive differences in people’s lives, and she inspired him to do the same. An easily approachable and personable man, David has been, and continues to be a strong advocate for better working conditions for his colleagues in his role within the WTA. In his free time David enjoys spending it with his partner Lori, their 2 Goldens Dexter and Sunny, especially at the Lake.


Email: dharack@wta.mb.ca


Jeff Kirkpatrick


A grade 5 and 6 teacher at Carpathia School, Jeff Kirkpatrick has been with the division for 10 years as a teacher. He was a late bloomer with regards to becoming a teacher and was an Educational Assistant for 9 years prior to returning to University where he graduated from the W.E.C. program from U of W. Jeff has been a WTA Rep for Carpathia for the last few years as he became more passionate about union affairs when he read about how collective bargaining was changing to provincial bargaining due to Bill 45 and WSD hadn’t yet ratified their contract.

He has become an advocate for union issues and wants to add his voice to the WTA executive. He is learning about Union leadership and relations through MTS Labour School and is building a better understanding of our local union with his work on the finance and benefits committees.

Jeff is committed to building a better awareness of how the WTA is helping our membership and building more engagement with our members. He wants to advocate for our members at higher levels and push our government to fund education adequately.

In his spare time Jeff can be found working in his home studio making pottery, playing board and tabletop games, as well as engaging in discussions at the local brewhouse.

Email: jkirkpatrick@wta.mb.ca 


Eunah Lee


Eunah Lee (she/her) loves to listen to diverse stories of people. Growing up in the Emirates and attending an international school, she values the experiences of learning new languages, cultures and food from her friends around the world. Her dream was to become a ballerina but that didn’t work out in the desert.

Eunah was drawn into teaching when she was working as an English teacher at an institute in Korea. She currently teaches Grade 6 at Lord Nelson School and has been with the WSD for 8 years. Her goal is to help students develop varying perspectives in life through drama, dance, visual arts, languages and math.

Eunah’s been involved with WTA for 5 years and is especially passionate with issues related to teacher’s well-being, unity within our union and workload of members.

On her free time, Eunah likes to dance to k-pop, go for HIIT workout or bouldering. Her chill time includes baking, snuggles with her Frenchies on the couch and paper crafting.


Email: elee@wta.mb.ca

Jennie Matteis


Jennie is a retired Teacher and is a currently a Substitute teacher for the Winnipeg School Division. She taught for 30 years before retiring and was a member of the WTA Executive Table Officer team for 5 years, and a Member-at-Large for 20 years. She has a wide variety of chairing and sitting on WTA committees. She enjoys working for the members and trying to make a difference.


Email: jmatteis@wta.mb.ca



Shelagh McGregor


It is my pleasure to work as a member of the WTA executive again this term. I have been a teacher for 23 years in the WSD. I currently working at Inkster School and formerly Shaughnessy Park in a variety of elementary grade levels and positions. I have chaired the WTA Wellness Committee for 3 years and have sat on a variety of WTA committees over the years as a school council rep. My 3 most favourite things: my Silver Lab Winnie, being a Winnipeg Blue Bomber season ticket holder and having a cold beverage around the pool or on a lake dock. My 3 weaknesses: ice cream, peanut butter toast and anything freshly baked. My strengths: passion, loyalty and work ethic. 

Email: smcgregor@wta.mb.ca

Jon Romu


I am currently starting my 23rd year of teaching in the division at Kelvin High School. I am a Biology, Physics, and Science teacher and the Head Baseball Coach. This is my second year on the WTA Executive where I am currently the Reception Committee Chair. I was the Head Football Coach at Kelvin High School from the 2001-2019 seasons when I stepped down to do other leadership opportunities inside the school; Valedictorian Committee Chair, Student Athlete Code of Conduct Committee. My teaching philosophy is like a Whitney Houston song, “I believe the children are our future, Teach them well and let them lead the way, Show them all the beauty they possess inside, Give them a sense of pride to make it easier, Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be.” This is reflected in my classroom and my way of teaching. Students should be able to have fun, express their thoughts and opinions, and be given an opportunity to show their strengths and succeed.

As an Executive, I have the opportunity to make a difference in the classrooms of educators who often feel bogged down by bureaucracy and the politics of the day. Teachers should be freed to spend their time teaching curriculum and enhancing and shaping the futures of their students.

In my spare time, I enjoy driving my kids to their various sporting events, fishing, painting miniatures, and sipping scotch.

Email: jromu@wta.mb.ca

Dan Waldron


This Grade 8 English/ Social Studies teacher brings his valuable high school experience as a 90s jock with bleached hair and bad musical taste to the WTA Executive this year.

Dan is passionate about inspiring students to be critical thinkers who love to learn. He’s been passing on that inspiration in our Division for eight years now.

Dan wants to focus on teacher welfare in his role on the Executive – something that he has never felt more important to our members than it does today.

Favourite 90s (or 2000s) jam: Rage Against the Machine.

Email: dwaldron@wta.mb.ca