Everything the WTA does is in service to our members – we’re proud to offer a number of services in our ongoing effort to provide support when and where it’s needed.

Learn more about the services WTA offers as part of your membership:

Collective Bargaining

The WTA participates in the preparation for provincial bargaining for its approximately 4000 members. 13 members helped to create the opening package for the first ever round of provincial bargaining.


The MPSE Trust manages the benefit plans for WTA members. The WTA Group Benefits committee monitors the claims experience and makes recommendations for enhanced coverage. 

Counselling Services

WTA members are entitled to up to 10 hours of free counselling services through Keystone Counselling Associates.

WTA members and their families are also eligible for MTS HumanaCare Counselling Services 24/7 that can be accessed by calling 1-800-661-8193.

Legal Services

As members of the WTA, you’re entitled to 30 minutes of free consultation on any legal matters not related to work.