Executive of the Association


There shall be an Executive of the Association consisting of the President, Vice‑President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past‑President of the Association, and up to nine (9) additional members.


The Business Agent shall have the right to attend Executive meetings and shall have the right to participate in debate


The members of the Executive shall be elected by the members of the Association by a referendum vote conducted as hereinafter provided.


The Executive shall have powers and duties including the following:

a)  to conduct the day‑to‑day business of the Association;
b)  to carry out the instructions given to it by the Council;
c)  to delegate responsibilities not defined by this Constitution or bylaws to any one or more of its Association members.


Meetings of the Executive

a)  The new Executive shall assume office on June 15th.
b)  The Executive shall meet within fifteen (15) days following the date of assuming office, at which time the Chairpersons shall be elected for the standing committees.  The agenda of the first meeting should provide constitutional information, the functions of current committees, history of current problems, and designation of Executive assignments to become effective June 15th.
c)  The Executive shall hold at least eight (8) additional meetings during its term of office.
d)  The President shall have the power to call a meeting of the Executive at any tme.
e)  At the request of any group of four (4) members of the Executive the President must call a meeting.
f)  Notice of special meetings to a member of the Executive may be given in writing or by telephone and such notice shall be deemed sufficient if given to the last known address of the member of the Executive.


Quorum of the Executive

Any seven (7) members of the Executive attending a meeting of same shall constitute a quorum.


Attendance at Executive Meetings

Whenever any member of the Executive is absent from more than two consecutive, regular Executive meetings without reasons satisfactory to the Executive, that member automatically shall cease to be a member of the Executive.  In the event of such a vacancy, the Executive shall appoint a successor according to the procedure set out under 10.02(g).