About WTA

About WTA

The Winnipeg Teachers’ Association (WTA) represents all teachers, clinicians (speech pathologists, etc.), counsellors, principals and vice-principals in the Winnipeg School Division. WTA is a local of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS).

The objects of the Association shall include the following:

  • to promote and to advance the cause of education;
  • to foster active participation by the members of the Association;
  • to promote the welfare of the members.

The WTA enforces the collective agreement on behalf of its approximately 4,000 members, representing them in all workplace-related issues including: working hours; wages and group benefits; and workplace safety and health.

The Association also coordinates social events, including retirement receptions; distributes funds from a wellness grant; and provides scholarships and distinguished service awards.

WTA members also are members of MTS, which represents all public school teachers in Manitoba. MTS supports WTA in the collective bargaining process and offers professional development, counselling and wellness services.