Bylaw VII – Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments to the Constitution
6.1 This Constitution and/or Bylaws may be amended at any time as follows:

(a) any member of the Association shall have the right to submit in writing to the Secretary a proposed amendment to the Constitution or Bylaws of the Association at any time;
(b) the Secretary shall send forthwith a copy of the proposed amendment to all representatives of the Council and this shall be at least twenty days prior to consideration of same at a meeting of the Council;
(c) the amendment or any modification thereof must be approved by at least two‑thirds of the representatives present at a meeting of the Council and, if so approved, then the Constitution shall be deemed to be amended accordingly.

6.2 Amendments to Policy

(a) Amendments to Policies of the Local shall be made by Executive and or Council.
(b) Amendments require “Notice of Motion” at a prior Council meeting or notice in writing to all members of the Council at least seven (7) days prior to the Council meeting at which the amendment will be discussed. New policies may be presented at any time. Policy amendments shall require a majority vote to pass.
(c) All policy amendments passed by Council are interim until final approval by the Membership at the May Council meeting.
(d) Policies may be amended at the May Council meeting. Notice need not be given.
(e) In emergency circumstances where notice cannot be given, the Executive may pass interim Policies, subject to later Council approval.

Bylaws And Effect of Previous Decisions of the Association
All or any existing Bylaws and all acts and things done on behalf of the Association as at the date of adoption of this Constitution shall continue in effect unless such Bylaws, acts, or things done on behalf of the Association are inconsistent with this Constitution.

Signing Officers of the Association
The signing officers of the Association shall be the President, Vice‑President, Treasurer and Administrative Assistant and the signatures of any two of these persons shall appear on any of the Association cheques.