Table Officers of the Association


The table officers of the Association shall be the President, the Vice‑President, the Past‑President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.


The officers of the Association, excepting the Past‑President, shall be elected by the members as hereinafter provided.


The duties and powers of the respective table officers of the Association shall include the following:

a)  The President shall:

i)  preside at all meetings of the Council and of the Executive;
ii)  be, ex‑officio, a member of all committees;
iii)  perform all duties as customarily devolve upon a President in addition to any other duties which may be assigned by the Executive or Council.


b)  The Vice‑President shall:

i)  assume the duties and responsibilities of the President in case of absence, or when requested to do so by the President;
ii)  be responsible for election of Council representatives;
iii)  perform all other duties which may be assigned by the Executive or Council.


c)  The Secretary shall:

i)  chair the Monitoring Committee and ensure attendance of a member at all School Board meetings. The chair shall ensure that a written and/or oral report is provided at Executive meetings;
ii)  keep all minutes of the Council, the Executive and the members as defined in Article 11.01;
iii)  keep all minutes of Table Officers’ meetings and provide a written and/or oral report at Executive meetings.


d)  The Treasurer shall:

i)  act as chairperson of the Finance Committee;
ii)  Submit an annual report on receipts, investments, and expenditures, such report having been duly audited by an auditor or auditors recommended by the Finance committee to Council within four (4) months of the fiscal year end;
(iii)  present semi-annual financial statements to Council;
iv)  make other reports on the finances of the Association as requested by the Executive or the Council;
v)  prepare and to present a budget to the Executive and the Council in advance of the Annual General Meeting of the Association;
vi)  ensure that appropriate procedures are in place to process receipts, investments and expenditures.


e) The Past-President/or Designate shall:

i)  act as chairperson of the Distinguished Service Award Committee;
ii)  act as chairperson of the Executive Nominating and Elections Committee;
iii)  act as Chief Ratification Officer for the ratification of the collective agreement; and
vi)  serve a term limited to one year.