Meetings of Members


On receipt of a petition signed by twenty‑five (25) members of the Association, the President shall call a meeting of the members.  Such a meeting must take place within two (2) weeks of the receipt of said petition.


A meeting of members may be called for any of the following purposes:

a) to hear reports from the Executive or any committee or committees;
b) to provide a forum for the views of individual members;
c) to compel the resignation of the Executive.  Each member of the Executive shall be deemed to have resigned and a new election shall be held immediately in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, provided that:

i) more than two hundred and fifty (250) members of the Association are present at the meeting, and
ii) a two-thirds majority of all the members in attendance at such meeting vote in favour of a resolution to compel the resignation of the Executive, and
iii) the majority of the members present have elected provisional officers and Executive members who shall be responsible for the conducting of a new election and carrying on the business and affairs of the Association in accordance with the powers of the Executive.


The Executive or any committee may hold meetings of members for the purpose of disseminating information, discussing problems and/or studying any aspects of concern to the profession, provided only that the Executive shall have approved the date, place, and time of such meetings and that any decisions made at such a meeting shall constitute a recommendation to the Executive and be submitted in the form of a report to the Executive.