Personal Contact Information

Personal Contact Information

See below to submit your personal contact information to the Winnipeg Teachers’ Association.

The WTA will never sell your information to outside organizations. Your information will remain solely for the use of the WTA to contact members. You may remove your name from this list at anytime.

Personal Information

The WTA may not use WSD email system for union business. As a result, the Association is looking to collect a comprehensive list of personal email addresses from the membership.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced the necessity of having this information available so that we are able to communicate directly with the membership. 

The emails could be used for.....

  • sharing of information about the WSD and COVID related issues. 
  • an electronic WTA election process.
  • collective agreement ratification, if one is settled at the negotiations table.
  • votes or referendums which may be required as a result of amalgamations or local reorganization. 
  • keeping members up to date on important emerging issues. ( ex. Ed. funding , provincial bargaining, boundaries, pensions and seniority provisions.)

The personal information/emails will not.....

  • be sold or shared with an outside third party unless permission has been granted by you. 

Submission if your email address is 100% voluntary and you may remove your name from the list at any time.  

I understanding that by submitting this form, I am agreeing to allow the WTA to contact me via personal email as described above.