Chapter 2: The Administration of a School

Chapter 2: The Administration of a School

Section 2.1 – Duties of Principals

The principal shall be responsible to the Superintendent for administering the general policies and programs of the Division, and for keeping the staff informed about such policies and programs. Subject to the provisions of “The Public Schools Act”, the “Regulations of Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning”, this “Code of Rules”, and the directives contained in the “Administrative Manual”, the principal shall be responsible for the detailed organization of the school, and for the supervision of all personnel working in the school.

In carrying out the above, the principal’s powers and duties shall include responsibility for the following:

1. The assignment and supervision of teachers, and the supervision of the instructional program.

2. The general direction and supervision of the work of the custodial staff in the school.

3. The preparation of a list of instructions for the guidance of substitute teachers in the school.

4. Scheduling the time of Faculty of Education students in order that their student teaching will be most profitable to them. Such students shall not be used as regular substitutes for teachers who are absent from school.

5. Taking all reasonable precautions to safeguard the health and general well-being of the staff and pupils in the school. To this end, the principal shall see that pupils and staff are adequately trained to make effective any plans necessary for their safety.

6. The organization of the supervision of pupil activities in school buildings and on school grounds. The principal shall make provision for the supervision of the school during the noon recess and before assembling in the morning and immediately after dismissal in the afternoon. In elementary schools this shall be intended to include active supervision of the playground fifteen (15) minutes before commencement of classes in the morning and ten (10) minutes before commencement of classes in the afternoon on days when children are playing outside.

Section 2.1 – Duties of Principals (continued)

7. Activities sponsored and conducted by the student organization of the school. The principal shall accept no responsibility for students engaged in activities that are not part of the school program.

8. The organization and supervision of school patrols according to the regulations established for such patrols.

9. Seeing that all rules and regulations with respect to fire prevention and safety are carried out and that all personnel are familiar with “Instructions Relating to Fire Alarms and Fire Drills”, “Fire Prevention and Safety” and “Civil Defence Regulations”.

10. Seeing that first aid supplies are readily available.

11. The inspection of school grounds and school buildings to see that they are free from hazards which might cause accidents and to notify the proper authorities of any conditions which need to be remedied.

12. Keeping the Superintendent fully advised as to the conditions and needs of the school, and shall submit reports on pupil attendance, promotion, and other matters as required.

13. Evaluating the efficiency of each member of the teaching, clerical, caretaking and other staff, including substitute teachers, as required by the Superintendent and forwarding such reports to the Superintendent.

14. Arranging regular staff meetings for the purpose of discussing educational and administrative matters.

15. Being available as necessary, before school opening in the fall term, to meet with pupils, parents, and members of the supervisory staff.

16. The proper registration of pupils in the school and the maintenance of adequate records. It shall be the principal’s responsibility to see that a pupil’s records are forwarded upon request from the receiving school when the pupil transfers to another school.

17. Keeping copies of the “Administrative Manual” and the “Code of Rules” in the school up-to-date, and informing members of the staff of all revisions.

18. The administration of a system of accounting for all monies from student activities, from cafeterias, from student fees or fines, from entertainments, from gifts, or from other funds belonging to the school or the student body or any student group within the school. The administration of the School Fund shall be in accordance with the regulations adopted by the Board from time to time governing the holding, administering and expending of monies for the purposes of the school. He/she shall make provisions for the safe keeping of all monies belonging to the school or School Division.

19. Inspecting the condition of school property and immediately reporting serious damage to the Building Department and to the Police Department.

Section 2.2 – Duties of Vice-Principals

The vice-principal shall assist the principal in the administration of the general policies, programs, and organization of the school. The vice-principal should submit to the principal any specific recommendations deemed necessary or desirable for the improvement of the efficiency of the administration of the school or the improvement of the instructional program.

Section 2.3 – Duties of Teachers Designated During Absence of a Principal

During the absence of the principal of a school where there is no vice-principal, the Superintendent shall designate a member of the teaching staff of that school to assume the duties and responsibilities of the principal.

Section 2.4 – Duties of Teachers

Teachers shall carry out their duties in accordance with the regulations of Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning and of the school system under the direction of the principal.

1. Teachers shall be responsible for taking all reasonable precautions to safeguard the health and general well-being of pupils in their charge and for any or all pupils of the school as assigned by the principal of the school. They shall enforce the rules governing the conduct of pupils as such rules may be prescribed by Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning, the School Board, the Superintendent, or the principal. They shall establish conditions and practices in their classrooms that will contribute to the physical and mental health of the pupils and they shall report promptly to the principal any serious accident or illness affecting pupils in their charge.

2. Teachers shall register in person in their respective buildings and be on duty at least fifteen (15) minutes before the opening hour in the morning and five (5) minutes before the opening hour in the afternoon.

3. Teachers shall be responsible for the order in their rooms and the adjacent hall, and during the assembling or dismissing of the school shall, under the direction of the principal, supervise the movement of pupils to and from the room.

4. The following regulations shall be followed when a teacher is absent:

(a) When a teacher is going to be absent, the teacher shall telephone the Absence Reporting and Substitute system or any other place that may be designated by the Administration and record the absence, the reason for the absence, and whether or not the absence requires a substitute, prior to 7:15 a.m. on the morning of the day on which the substitute is required.

(b) If a teacher is going to cancel an absence previously recorded on the Absence Reporting and Substitute System, the teacher shall telephone the System to cancel. If the cancellation is less than 24 hours prior to the start of the absence, or part-way through the absence, the teacher shall telephone the System Help Line to cancel. In the case of a teacher returning in the afternoon, the teacher shall telephone the System Help Desk and the school before 11:00 a.m.

(c) When, through the default of a teacher, a substitute reports for duty and is not required, the teacher concerned will be charged with the salary of the substitute, for the extra session.

(d) When a teacher requires a substitute for an absence other than illness, after permission for leave has been granted, the teacher shall make the request as far in advance as possible, stating the specific length of time for which the substitute will be required.

5. Teachers shall keep all records required.

6. In inclement weather teachers shall see that young pupils are properly clad before they are permitted to go outside and that outdoor clothing is removed when pupils are in the school.

7. Teachers shall require personal cleanliness from pupils.

8. Teachers shall administer any marking system or other means of evaluating pupils’ achievement that may be instituted for the school and they shall report to parents the progress of their children as directed by the principal.

9. Unless expressly excused, teachers shall attend all meetings called by the Superintendent or principal during any school day for the purpose of discussing matters of concern to the school.

10. It shall be the responsibility of every teacher, insofar as it is reasonably possible, to see that adequate plans and instructions are available at any time when it is necessary for a substitute teacher to take over the regular work of the teacher.

11. Before leaving the school at the end of the day, teachers shall be responsible for seeing that all children under their direction are dismissed.

Section 2.4 – Duties of Teachers (continued)

12. Under the direction of the principal, it shall be the duty of the teachers of each school to maintain regular supervision of the playground.

13. Teachers shall be familiar with bulletins and regulations issued by Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning and The Winnipeg School Division.

Section 2.5 – Duties of Department Heads

Department heads in secondary schools shall be responsible, under the principal, for the improvement of instruction in their subject fields. Any administrative duties shall be subsidiary to this purpose. In executing their duties, department heads should seek to identify the needs and opportunities in their areas of responsibility, should make specific suggestions to the principal, and should work in cooperation with other teachers in their departments.

In carrying out the above, the duties of a department head shall include the following:

1. To assist the principal, in cooperation with heads of other departments, in the general organization and management of the school.

2. To be responsible to the principal for the organization and direction of the department.

3. To supervise the preparation of:

a) Details of the courses of study; and

b) The examinations for the department.

4. To maintain professional knowledge of the subject field at a high level in order to be able to provide leadership within the school and within the system.

5. To arrange, in consultation with the principal, for meetings of the teachers in the department to discuss matters relating to the department and to exchange ideas on teaching problems.

6. To prepare for the principal an annual statement for budget purposes of the supplies and equipment required for the department.

7. To requisition, through the principal, equipment and supplies for the department.

8. To maintain a current inventory of the equipment in the department.

9. To be responsible for the maintenance and care of equipment and supplies under the department head’s charge.

10. To maintain close liaison with department heads in the same field in other schools.

11. To serve, along with department heads in the same field from other schools, on any advisory committees which may be established by the Assistant Superintendent in charge of Secondary Schools.


Department heads in the Technical-Vocational High School shall have the following additional duties related to the Evening School Program: They shall advise and assist the Evening School principal in the planning of courses for their departments, in the selection of teachers, in the counselling of students, in the allotment and control of supplies, in the testing and recording of student achievement and in the general supervision of the program in their departments. This is not intended, however, to require their regular presence in the school in the evening, nor is it intended to prevent their service as counsellor-registrars or as teachers at regular teaching rates if circumstances make it advisable for them to be so engaged.

Section 2.6 – Duties of Substitute Teachers

Substitute teachers shall perform, as far as possible, all the duties of the teachers for whom they substitute and shall observe the regulations which apply to teachers on the regular staff. The details of their duties shall be those as set forth by the Superintendent.

Section 2.7 – Laboratory Assistants

Laboratory assistants shall be responsible to the principal and the science department head, and shall carry out such duties as are assigned to them. Without in any way restricting the generality of the foregoing, the laboratory assistant shall be responsible for:

1. Care of laboratory equipment

2. Preparation of laboratories for student experiments

3. Marking student laboratory notebooks.