7. Personal Business Leave

7. Personal Business Leave

7.1 Teaching/Clinical Staff

The Chief Superintendent or designee shall be authorized to grant short leaves of absence to Teaching/Clinical staff in accordance with this section as follows:

Note: Leaves granted in accordance with sections 7.1.1, 7.1.2 and 7.1.3 may not be combined to increase the leave entitlement.

7.1.1 Death:

– member of immediate family or a Allow up to five (5) consecutive days; deduct at full relative who was a member of the house- salary for all days beyond five (5). hold. Immediate family shall include common law spouse as defined in Section 10 below.

– grandparents, grandchildren. Allow up to three (3) consecutive days; deduct additional days up to a total of five (5) consecutive days absence at substitute rate.

– spouse’s or common law spouse’s mother, Allow up to three (3) consecutive days; deduct additional father, sister, brother, son, daughter. days up to a total of five (5) consecutive days absence at substitute rate.

7.1.2 To attend funeral of:

– a relative outside the Allow up to one (1) day; deduct additional days up to a immediate family who was total of five (5) consecutive days absence at substitute not a member of the household. rate.

– friend. Deduct at substitute rate.

– participant in ceremony (eg. Soloist). Allow one-half (1/2) day.

– pallbearer. Allow one (1) day.

7.1.3 For observance of religious holy days. Allow three (3) days per year. Deduct at Substitute rate for remainder. Requests for religious holy leave shall be governed by the procedure as set forth in the collective agreement.

The Chief Superintendent or designee, upon review of the request, may grant short leaves of absence to teaching/clinical staff in accordance with the following:

7.1.4 Writing exams for university standing. Allow one-half (1/2) day per exam up to two (2) exams. For three (3) or more exams (half-days) deduct excess at substitute rate.

7.1.5 Studying for exams. Deduct at one two-hundredths (1/200) of annual salary.

7.1.6 University or Community College Convocation:

– own. Allow one (1) day in town, excess at substitute rate.

– immediate family. Allow one (1) day; excess at one two-hundreths

(1/200) of annual salary.

7.1.7 Graduation (High School):

– immediate family. Allow up to one day.

Appendix B – Excerpt of Policy GCBD From The Winnipeg School Division Policy Manual The Winnipeg School Division Teachers – Page 8

7.1.8 For study (in early summer sessions, etc.) Allow. on bursary or course undertaken at School Division’s request. Other study with the prior approval of the Allow up to five (5) days; deduct at substitute rate Division. for next five (5) days; remainder of actual cost of substitute.

Note: Leaves approved in accordance with section 7.1.9 shall be limited to one occurrence in any school year.

7.1.9 To attend a convention or meeting of an Allow up to five (5) days. organization with a program relevant to the teacher’s position, with the prior approval of the Division.

7.1.10 To deliver an address before an educational Allow. body.

7.1.11 Approved absence which involves financial Amount of recompense may be deducted. ,recompense for a teacher.

7.1.12 Adjudicating at festivals, etc. Deduct at substitute rate.

7.1.13 Public service meetings:

– council, school board, etc. Deduct at substitute rate.

7.1.14 Musical Festival (own performance). Deduct at substitute rate.

7.1.15 Participation in sports:

– for employees participating in league, Deduct at one two-hundredth of (1/200) of annual league championship, zone or round salary. robin play, invitational meets or qualifying competitions.

– for employees selected as representatives Deduct at substitute rate. of the city in semi-final or final provincial competition .

– for employees selected by Sports Manitoba Allow. as representatives of the Province participating in semi-final or final National competition.

– for employees selected to be members of Allow. National teams of Canada competing in International competition.

Note: The above shall include both competitors and coaches. Coaches receiving recompense for days allowed by the Division shall reimburse the Division the amount of the recompense.

– other approved requests (eg. officiating). Deduct at one two-hundredths (1/200) of annual salary.

Note: Leaves approved in accordance with section 7.1.16 shall not exceed five (5) days in total, in any school year.

7.1.16 Wedding:

– own. Deduct up to three (3) days at substitute rate. Permission may be granted for up to five (5) days except in weeks when a holiday occurs, fourth (4th) and fifth (5th) days at one two-hundredths (1/200) annual salary.

– in immediate family. In town one-half (1/2) day substitute rate, out of town one (1) day at substitute rate. Deduct at one two-hundredths (1/200) annual salary for excess.

7.1.17 Birth of a teacher’s child resulting from the Allow one (1) day. This entitlement ceases two (2) days teacher’s spouse or common law spouse’s after the spouse or common law spouse is discharged pregnancy. from the hospital.

– Adopting a child. Allow one (1) day.

7.1.18 Moving. Deduct at one-two hundredths (1/200) of annual salary.

7.1.19 Approved late return from travel (or early Deduct at one two-hundredths (1/200) of annual departure). salary.

7.1.20 For quarantine of place of residence. Allow up to five (5) days.

7.1.21 Curriculum committee meetings. No deduction. Cost of substitute charged to Manitoba Education.

7.1.22 Extra Curricular Activities

a) In any school year (as defined by the Minister of Education and Advanced Learning), a teacher will be entitled to a paid leave of absence of one day provided that:

i) he/she performs 50 hours of eligible extra-curricular duties during the school year;

ii) the date for such leave has been agreed upon between the principal and the teacher;

iii) the eligible day leave of absence must be taken within the current school year; and

iv) the date for such leave is not adjacent to any holiday period.

b) “Extra-curricular activities” means student-related athletic, social, leadership, recreational and cultural activities, occurring outside the normal school day, but does not include activities related to academic of instructional matters or curriculum subjects outside the normal school day, whether such occur alone or with students, parents or administrative staff, such as (without limitation) staff meetings, parent/teacher meetings, committee work, in-service sessions, marking and setting examinations, or marking school assignments.

c) An eligible extra-curricular activity is an activity which has received prior approval from the school principal.

d) Extra-curricular activities as described hereinbefore are voluntary.

7.1.23 The Chief Superintendent or designate has authority to grant personal leave in other special circumstances for up to one (1) day with no deductions from salary or with deduction at substitute rate or one two-hundredths (1/200) of annual salary.

7.2 Where a ten (10) month employee’s compassionate leave as detailed in 7.1.2, 7.1.3, 7.2.2, or 7.2.3 commences immediately prior to or during Winter, Spring or Summer Break, the week days (other than statutory holidays) that fall during such breaks shall be considered to form part of the leave.

7.3 Notification – Religious Holy Leave:

7.3.1 Employees requiring religious holy leave prior to October 15 shall provide the Division with ten (10) working days notice in writing.

7.3.2 Employees requiring religious holy leave after October 15 shall provide notice of all leave required that school year by September 30.

7.3.4 Where appropriate notice has not been given to the Division, the Division shall provide religious holy leave days and that leave, at the Division’s discretion, may be:

i) with pay; or

ii) regular salary less minimum rate for the employee’s classification in the case of non-teaching

employees; or

iii) at regular salary less the rate for a substitute in the case of a teaching employee; or

iv) with a full deduction of salary for the day.

7.4 Extension of Vacation/Holiday

Personal Business leave as identified in Section 7.1 and 7.2 shall not be granted for the purpose of extending vacation, break periods or holiday time.

7.5 Deduction Definitions

7.5.1 For the purposes of section 7.1, “Substitute rate” means the rate of salary for a substitute in the teacher’s salary classification.

7.5.2 For the purposes of section 7.2, “Minimum rate” means the minimum schedule rate for the employee’s classification.

7.5.3 For the purposes of sections 7.1 and 7.2, “Allow” means no deduction of salary.

7.5.4 For the purpose of section 7.1 Teaching/Clinical staff shall include teachers, clinicians, principals, vice-principals, area service directors, consultants, the chief librarian and the service director of special education.

7.6 Leave Request

7.6.1 Employees are required to complete “Request for Short Leave of Absence Forms”, Exhibits E(1) and E(2) and secure permission from the Division prior to taking any such leave, except in emergency situations.

7.6.2 In emergency situations, the employee shall report to his/her supervisor at the earliest opportunity.

7.7 Reporting Leaves

Principals or supervisors shall report reasons for absences for personal business in the “remarks” column of the salary report.

7.8 Absence of Principals and Vice-Principals

7.8.1 The Chief Superintendent shall submit reports to the Board regarding the absence of principals or vice-principals which are in excess of one (1) week.

7.8.2 Any principal or vice-principal who expects to be out of the school for one-half ( ) day or moreshall inform the appropriate Superintendent.

7.8.3 Any principal or vice-principal who is absent because of illness or personal business shall call the superintendent in the morning of the day the absence commences and again on the day of return to duty. The nature of the illness and an estimate of the length of absence should be reported to the superintendent.

7.9 Court Appearances

Employees will be granted leave without deduction of salary for court appearances if the employee is subpoenaed by the Crown to be a witness in a court action or is summoned for jury duty, provided however, the employee shall remit to the Division any remuneration which the employee may receive because of an appearance in court as a witness or as a juror.

7.10 Citizenship Leave

Employees shall be allowed the necessary time off with pay to attend citizenship court to become a Canadian Citizen.