36. Joint Committee

36. Joint Committee

(a) There shall be a committee which shall be known as: “The WSD/WTA Joint Committee” and shall consist of six (6) members of whom:

(i) three (3) shall be members of, and be appointed from time to time by, the Board of Trustees; and

(ii) three (3) shall be members of, and be appointed from time to time by, the Association.

(b) One (1) of the members appointed by the Board shall be chairperson of the joint committee; but if the chairperson is absent from any meeting, one (1) of the other members of the Board Representatives who attends the meeting shall be chairperson of the committee during that meeting.

(c) A person appointed by the administration and the Business Agent of the Association may attend meetings of the joint committee in a consultative capacity.

(d) The joint committee shall meet four (4) times per school year, and at such other times as may be fixed by the chairperson after consulting with the members of the committee.

(e) The joint committee shall:

(i) endeavour to promote and maintain communication and cooperation between the Division and the Association in such a manner which will encourage an ongoing free and frank discussion of issues or concerns.

(ii) consult on any suggestions or requests made by the Division or the Association with respect to employee service, activities and security, including any working conditions applicable to employees.

(iii) not discuss individual grievances.