19. Insurance

19. Insurance

19.01 Group Insurance

The Board will administer The Manitoba Public School Employees Group Life Insurance Plan according to the terms and conditions of the plan.

19.02 Disability Insurance Plan

The Division shall become the registered holder of the Disability Insurance Plan and the plan shall be such as shall be determined and paid for by the Association.

19.03 Dental Insurance

(a) The Division will administer a dental insurance plan in accordance with the provisions of the Great-West Life Dental Insurance Plan, Document No. 51005.

(b) The cost of the dental insurance plan will be borne by the Division, subject, however, to the following conditions:

i. Effective September 1, 2007, the Division will, at the end of each month, contribute one and thirty five-one hundredths of one per centum (1.35%) of the total gross payroll for the month based on the previous year’s salary rates for those employees covered by this Collective Agreement.

ii. In the event that the funds provided under (i) will not support the level of benefit set out in the Plan, Document No. 15001, the Association, upon being notified of the fact by the Division, shall be required to determine the reduction in benefits to meet the current and projected shortfall of funds. The nature of the reduction chosen shall be communicated by the Association to the Division within three (3) weeks of notification.

(c) Any surplus accumulated in the plan from year to year shall be retained for the benefit of the members of the plan, including the improvement of the level of benefits. Should the Association elect to improve the level of benefit, it shall require the prior agreement of the Division. Should the plan be terminated, any accumulated surplus and interest shall become the property of the Association.

(d) The Division’s cost of administering the plan, including consultants’ fees, shall be charged to the plan.