An annual $1250 scholarship shall be awarded at each WSD high school, to a graduating student who is pursuing post-secondary education. Presentation will be made by the WTA President or the President’s designate.

Criteria for the scholarship shall be:

I. Must be enrolled at least 1/2 time in a WSD #1 high school;

II. Must provide proof of registration as a full-time student at a post-secondary institution within the following year;

III. In the event the recipient has not met the circumstances in II. they may apply in writing for an extension. The application would state the circumstances for the extension. If granted, the extension would be for a period of not more than one year. (February 13, 2001)

IV. School Committee will determine the recipient;

V. The School Awards Committees are encouraged to consider students who have indicated an interest in or who are pursuing an education degree or a degree in the field of education.

VI. Minimum academic requirement of 65%;

VII. Displays outstanding citizenship; and, 

VII. Demonstrates a financial need.


WTA Teacher of Tomorrow Scholarship

An annual $5,000.00 scholarship be awarded to a member’s dependent child currently enrolled in an education certification program.  Criteria for the scholarship shall be:

 A. Must be a dependent child of a member in good standing of the Winnipeg Teachers’ Association. A dependent child is defined as any unmarried child, natural or adopted, a stepchild, or a child for whom someone is the legal guardian, under the age of twenty-five who is dependent on the WTA member for support and maintenance.  One is defined as married when one has a legal spouse or common-law spouse.

B. Must provide proof of registration as a full-time student in an education certification program.

C. Academic standing, citizenship, community involvement and volunteer experience will be considered.

D. Applicants must complete an application form accompanied by a cover letter and all necessary documentation.

E. References will be required.

F. As part of the application process an interview may be required. A selection committee comprised of Table Officers will select the successful candidate.