Investment Policy

Investment Policy

(a) National Bank Financial Ltd., Suite 890, 360 Main St., Winnipeg, MB R3C 3Z3 be the Financial Advisor for the Reserve Fund.
(b) The Treasurer and Finance Committee all be advised of the information regarding investments coming due, of the recommendations of National Bank and make the decision prior to re-investment.
(c) In accordance with By-Law I of the Constitution, all investments be non-speculative in nature and that The Ethical Investment Principles be adopted.
(d) A record shall be kept of when the bi-annual review of investments is done and passed on from Treasurer to Treasurer and from year to year.

Ethical Investment Principles:

1. The corporation should encourage progressive industrial relations with all members of staff or employees.

2. The corporation should regularly conduct business in, and with, any country or countries that provide racial and gender equality within its, or their, political boundaries.

3. The corporation should consistently strive to encourage and comply with environmental regulations established by governments and government agencies and be committed to implementing environmentally conscious practices.

(e) The WTA Finance Committee review on a bi-annual basis the performance of National Bank or any other financial institution which has WTA investments.
(f) Interest income earned by the Reserve Fund investments be transferred to the General Fund and used as income for day-to-day operation of the Association.