Annual General Meeting of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society

Annual General Meeting of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society

I. Resolutions

A. At AGM delegates shall vote:

1. in favour of resolutions which are Association policy;
2. in favour of WTA resolutions approved by Council;
3. against resolutions which are counter to Association policy.

B. Any delegate who is unable to agree with A. above for a particular resolution shall abstain.

II. Candidates

A. The Association may name up to three (3) endorsed candidates for the Provincial Executive.
B. That all candidates must declare their candidacy to the WTA AGM Committee Chair by the January WTA Council meeting. Any candidate who wishes to run must have attended at least one Annual General Meeting of The Manitoba Teachers’ Society.
C. At the January or February meeting of council the candidates will have an opportunity to address the WTA Council for up to five (5) minutes. Further nominations from the floor for any position may be permitted. Nominations from the floor must be accompanied by a minimum of ten (10) Association members’ signatures.

If more than three (3) candidates are nominated then the election of candidates shall be in the following order:

Each candidate shall be endorsed at the Council meeting through separate ballots. A two-thirds (2/3) majority is required by each candidate for their name to go forward as a WTA candidate at The Manitoba Teachers’ Society AGM. Unsuccessful candidates for Vice-President will be allowed to let their names stand for consideration as a Member-at-Large.

D. Candidates elected at the January or February Council meeting will, upon request, received funds up to $2,000.00 (receipts required) to defray campaign expenses of each candidate.
E. The Winnipeg delegates shall support and promote the Winnipeg candidates nominated and approved by Council.

III. Structure and Process for the WTA Delegation to the MTS Annual General Meeting

A. All delegates shall be MTS members in good standing.
B. All delegates shall be full-time delegates, unless under special circumstances.
C. The Association will provide for two delegates as alternates in addition to the number of delegates allocated by MTS to the AGM. These delegates will replace regular delegates as needed during the meeting. Out-of-pocket expenses for the above delegates will be paid by the Association and are subject to Association practices.
D. WTA Executive and members of AGM Committee shall be delegates.
E. A maximum of four (4) spaces will be available for “President’s Discretion.” The President shall assign these spaces.
F. The remaining spaces will be filled by lottery at the February Council meeting.

1. Council reps (not alternates) will be eligible.
2. At the January Council meeting, as a timed item, the Chairperson of the AGM Committee will explain the selection process and speak about AGM delegates’ responsibilities.

3. The delegate form will be available online in September.
4. At the February Council meeting, the AGM Committee and three (3) council representatives, will randomly select enough applications to fill the remaining AGM spaces and generate a list of alternates. Delegates selected will be contacted after the February Council meeting.

5. If spaces still remain (i.e. not enough representatives apply) the Association’s Council alternates will be given first consideration and then the general membership. (Representatives will be asked to inform their staffs immediately following that Council meeting.) Spaces will then be filled on a first-come, first-served basis by contacting the AGM Chairperson.

G. One information meeting will be held to familiarize all delegates and interested alternates with the process of AGM and to examine AGM resolutions. Failure to attend this meeting may result in a member being removed from the delegation, at the discretion of the Executive.
H. Members may be refused an AGM delegate position for a period of up to three (3) years by the Executive, if s/he voted contrary to WTA policy or if her/his attendance was unsatisfactory. The person so denied may appeal the decision to Council.