Here is a list of questions from WTA’s Political Action Committee regarding public education for you to ask MLA candidates when they come to your door.

1.What steps will you and your party take to address the issue of class size and how will you ensure that students receive the necessary support and resources they deserve? 


  1. How will you and your party ensure there is funding to address the exceptional and diverse needs of each classroom?
  1. One way to reduce socioeconomic barriers for students is by implementing a universal meal program for school age students. What steps will you take to establish this program in Manitoba?
  1. School divisions report they are unable to fill substitute teaching positions, and many term positions are filled with unqualified teachers. What are your specific plans to ensure qualified teacher recruitment and retention?  
  1. If you were to form government, please outline the steps necessary to maintain a productive working relationship with MTS especially in light of provincial bargaining of future collective agreements.
  1. If you are elected, what steps will you take to ensure that the Government of Manitoba will develop anti- racist, anti-oppressive and de-colonial policies to enhance equity and address systemic barriers?
  1. What do you think about standardized testing and what do you think it tells you about students, teachers and learning in our students?
  1. If Bill 35 [the education administration amendment act teacher certification and professional conduct] passes through the legislative process what steps will you take to establish a balance of individuals judging the conduct of a professional teacher and clarify ambiguous language in the definition of professional misconduct?
  1. There has been a rise in anti 2SLGBTQIA+ rhetoric across the province and country, with groups pushing to ban books, silence teachers and out students. How will you protect these students and staff?