WTA encourages members to engage in the municipal elections

The WTA suggests questions to members to ask local Trustee candidates.

  1. It is acknowledged that poverty has a serious impact on student learning outcomes. As a Trustee, what are some ways you feel the Division can work to support students in need on this issue?
  2. the Division is experiencing a shortage of Substitute teachers and, as a result, positions often go unfilled during a teacher absence. What are some ideas you have to address this problem?
  3. What are some practical ways in which you as a Trustee will foster and build the relationship between the Division and it’s teaching staff?
  4. The Manitoba government has released its Education review, which raised issues around Division amalgamation, public education funding and improving learning outcomes. What is your concern with the Education review? What is your hope?
  5. First Nations students are amongst the most vulnerable learners in the Division. What steps will you take as a Trustee to strengthen supports for First Nation Students? How will you advance and implement the Truth and Reconciliation Committee’s Calls to Action 62 and 63?
  6. Some of the ways school divisions have chosen to deal with inadequate funding levels from government is to increase class sizes, cut access to clinicians and intervention specialists, and reduce inclusivity in the classroom. This has had an impact on student learning. How will you ensure services are preserved? What will you do as a trustee to ensure education funding levels are stable, predictable, and adequate?
  7. Recent shifts in social attitudes have led to conversations about systemic biases and racism. As a trustee, how would you ensure that the Division acknowledges the possible systemic biases within the Division and develop a plan to remedy?
  8. How will you ensure that the Division studies closely the idea of full-day kindergarten and other programs related to early childhood education to ensure a successful start for our early learners?
  9. The Manitoba Teachers’ Society has declared that the establishment of a universal meal program for K-12 public school students is of utmost importance. How will you ensure that every school (K – 12) in the Division has a sustainably funded meal program?