WTA 2021-2022 Executive Election Results

  • March 2, 2021
  • News

At 4:00 pm on March 1, at the deadline for nominations, we received a full slate of candidates for the 2021 Executive election.  All positions were filled without any roles contested. Therefore, the following members have been elected (all acclaimed) as the 2021-2022 WTA Executive:

President:  Michelle Wolfe, WTA Office

Vice-President:  Gregg Walker, WTA Office

Treasurer:  Sam Zurzolo, Elmwood

Secretary:  Kristy Frohwerk, Lord Nelson

Executive Members at Large:

Winston Blakey, Sargent Park

Kristen Fallis, Sargent Park

David Harack, Tec Voc

Katie Hurst, Faraday

Shelagh McGregor, Inkster

Mike Moroz, Sisler

Cheryl Ottenbreit, ISS

Michelle Rosner, Kelvin

Dan Waldron, St. John’s