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  • April 23, 2020
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View one of TRAF’s many digital presentations available to you through your Online Services account. These presentations contain all of the same information you would receive at a live seminar or webinar. Many are also divided into chapters, so you can choose to watch the segments that are most relevant to you.

Log in to your Online Services account at and click “Digital Presentations” to watch any of the following presentations:

Your TRAF Pension: This 24-minute presentation provides a comprehensive overview of your TRAF pension and is ideal for members at any stage of their career. You will learn how your pension is calculated, ways to maximize your pension through service purchases and service transfers, and how key life events such as a relationship breakdown or death can affect your pension.

Preparing for Your Retirement: TRAF recommends that members age 48 and older who are considering retirement watch this 52-minute presentation. The video reviews your TRAF pension in detail, with special attention paid to the plan options available to you upon retirement, how integration with CPP and OAS works, and how to apply for your pension. It concludes by discussing teaching after retirement and the impact this will have on your pension.

Maximizing Your Pension: To make sure you are getting the most from your pension, watch this 24-minute presentation and learn how your pension is calculated and how to make service purchases (including maternity/parental/adoption leave, substitute service, refunded service, educational leave and other eligible past service) and service transfers. This presentation also reviews conversion for service prior to July 1980 as well as making additional voluntary contributions.

Making Additional Voluntary Contributions: This 16-minute presentation provides an overview of what additional voluntary contributions are and why you would consider making them. If you determine that making additional voluntary contributions is right for you, this presentation will show you how to apply.

Understanding Your Annual Benefits Statement: Your Annual Benefits Statements are available in your Online Services account. This 28-minute presentation will show you how to access the statement and provide details about each section of your statement, including your contributions and interest, projected gross monthly pension estimates, termination benefits, pre-retirement survivor’s benefit and beneficiary information.

Purchasing Your Maternity/Parental/Adoption Leave(s): This 35-minute presentation covers everything you need to know about purchasing these leaves, including why it may be a good idea for you, three options for purchasing, how to estimate your cost and apply to purchase your leave, and tax information.

If you have any questions after watching these presentations, please contact TRAF by phone or email. TRAF Member Services staff are available to assist you.

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