The WTA supports WANTE in their ongoing efforts to secure a new collective agreement.

The following letter was sent to the Winnipeg School Division Board of Trustees.


November 1, 2021


Betty Edel

Chairperson, Board of Trustees

Winnipeg School Division

1577 Wall Street East

Winnipeg, MB  R3E 2S5


Dear Trustee Edel and Members of the Board,

The following motion was unanimously carried at the October 25, 2021, Winnipeg Teachers’ Association Council meeting:

That the WTA president write a letter to the WSD Board of Trustees in support of WANTE getting a fair deal in their ongoing negotiations to secure a new collective agreement; further that such letter to be posted on the WTA website and WTA social media platforms.

I am writing to you because the members of the Winnipeg Teachers’ Association have expressed their support and solidarity with and for WANTE members in their efforts to secure a new collective agreement and avoid labour action.  The members of WANTE provide invaluable service to the division, to schools, to classrooms, and to our members, all in support of students.   They deserve to be compensated fairly for their work.  Without WANTE members, school day to day functioning would suffer which would cause student learning to suffer.

The three thousand WTA members urge the Winnipeg School Division Board of Trustees to negotiate a fair deal with WANTE not only to acknowledge and respect the critical service provided by those workers, but also to avoid disruption to student learning by preventing possible strike action.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Michelle Wolfe

President, Winnipeg Teachers’ Association