Mike Moroz

Mike couldn’t wait to leave the farm to explore the big city. It was a time in his life when he had hair, which today he greatly misses.

He came to education later in life, though it was always something he was drawn to. It’s his second year in the Division and first with the WTA Executive. He would like to strengthen education through engagement – engagement that lifts the voices of all Division stakeholders on behalf of students.

Mike says he had fantastic teachers who encouraged and pushed him to achieve and challenge himself. The hair may be gone, but the spirit lives on.

Favourite 90s (or 2000s) jam: (Mike would not be nailed down) “It’s never about the era, great music is always great music. Jazz, blues, rock, folk, whatever…name a band, I probably listen to them.”

Email: mmoroz@wta.mb.ca