Kristen Fallis

Vice President

Kristen is a Music teacher at Sargent Park School and has worked in the Division for ten years. Kristen became a teacher to encourage students in the Arts to pursue creativity and to show students that music can be fun while understanding the complexities of beat, rhythm, and form.

A 6-year veteran of WTA, Kristen aims to empower members to know when to ask for help and make use of all the supports available for them via WTA and MTS.

When Kristen’s not at school, she’s taking the dogs for a walk, reading a book, or singing in the kitchen at the top of her lungs while washing dishes. Kristen puts on an eclectic kitchen concert, singing her favourite grunge rock 90s jams and letting her inner Spice Girl shine.

In high school, you could find this self-proclaimed “book nerd” in the band or choir room!