Katie Hurst

As a Performing Arts/Integrated Arts Teacher at Faraday School, choosing a career path was easy for Katie. Growing up in the North End, she inherited respect for the value of education and service from her family. Katie loves how the Arts support learning in other subject areas while fostering a stronger sense of self.

Katie brings passion for Equity and Social Justice to WTA.  She’s keen to build community and engage members in conversations around making WTA more accessible.

Even in high school, Katie was creating community. She organized her class’s beach trip for Senior Skip Day, giving out handbills and ensuring they departed after the physics test!

Outside the classroom, Katie can be found at her home ceramics studio where she loves getting dirty and making coffee cups, listening to records or playing guitar. Her favourite 90s jam is “If It Makes You Happy” by Sheryl Crow.

Email: khurst@wta.mb.ca