Newsletter September 2011

Welcome Back!

By: Dave Najduch, WTA President

I hope everyone found time over the summer to recharge your batteries and spend some quality time with those who are important to you. The lack of mosquitoes and the great weather was an added bonus for those who chose to stay around the province!

Provincial Elections……..
The province is currently in the middle of what is shaping up to be an interesting race
to see who will form the next provincial government. We are asking members to speak with candidates in their local riding about “educational” issues.  The Manitoba Teachers’ Society has put together two documents which can be used to help members become more involved in the political process. The first is entitled
Working to Make a Difference in Student’s Lives” and the second is entitled
The MTS Election Handbook”. Each can be located on the Manitoba Teachers’ Society web page

Elections in Manitoba are unique in that a few thousand votes spread across a small number of key ridings can change the outcome of a provincial election. Each party has an obligation to have a clear plan for the delivery of educational services. As a voter and teacher, you have a twofold interest in what the parties and candidates are saying when it comes to education. Get involved, ask questions, follow the campaign and then make an informed choice. The party Manitobans put in place will provide educational funding and set the policy direction for years to come!


Provincial Report Cards……..
They are here! If you are interested in getting a look at what the province
is piloting in the way of Provincial Report cards this year, please go to The province has also provided
a 38 page document entitled “Manitoba Report Card, Support Document for Educators.” The report cards are being piloted in a small number of schools across the province this year including the Winnipeg School Division. The WTA along with
a number of other local Associations and the MTS will continue to monitor the implementation of the new report cards and the potential impact they will have
on the workload of members in the school year to come.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns about this or any other issue, please contact me at the WTA office at 831-7104 or

Negotiations Update

Nathan Photo

By: Nathan Martindale, Vice-President

First of all, for those of you who are new to the Division or to the profession, my name is Nathan Martindale, and I am very excited to serve you as Vice-President of The Winnipeg Teachers’ Association. One of my duties is to chair the Negotiations Committee and this article will serve as an update in terms of where we were and where we are going in the current round of Collective Bargaining.

In 2010, the previous Negotiations Committee prepared a package that was presented to the Division. The last formal meeting between the WTA and the WSD occurred on January 28th, 2011.  On this date the WTA declared an impasse. The Association then applied for arbitration and dates were set for April 2012.

In late August 2011, the WSD produced a Memorandum of Settlement based on discussions that occurred between the Association and the WSD. The 2011-2012 Negotiations Committee met on August 30th, 2011 and reviewed this Memorandum.  The Negotiations Committee voted in favour of recommending its acceptance by the members of The Winnipeg Teachers’ Association.  A formal Agreement-in-Committee was reached on August 3st, 2011.

The ratification process, as laid out by WTA Council Policy (C1, VII), will commence shortly.  A memo was sent out to all WTA members on September 6th, 2011 via courier.  An Information Meeting will be held prior to the first Council Meeting on September 12th, 2011 at 5:00 PM in the Arnett Auditorium at McMaster House. WTA Council Reps will pick up Ratification Kits at this meeting. The Ratification Vote will take place on September 15th, 2011 in each school/location.  Each WTA member will vote on whether or not to accept the agreement. Substitute teachers can vote in the school they are working in that day.  Substitutes who are not in a WSD school on September 15th may go to any WSD school and register to vote. A notice for substitute teachers has been placed on the call in system. The return envelope containing the voters’ register and ballots must be placed in the WSD courier no later than Friday, September 16th, 2011. All ballot envelopes must be in the WTA office by noon Tuesday September 20, 2011 to be included in the count.  Ballot counting will take place on September 20th, 2011 in the PM.  The results will be faxed to schools by September 21st, 2011.

If you have any questions regarding the above information or any other question regarding Negotiations/Collective Bargaining, feel free to reach me at the WTA Office
at 831-7104 or via email at .

I wish all of you a successful and rewarding school year!

WSD Parking Fees for 2011/2012

Please be advised that for the 2011/2012 school year the WTA fee will be$100.00 PER YEAR and the MTS fee will be $882.00 PER YEAR.

 FYI – your WTA fee for the year ($100.00) will be deducted off your September pay cheque.  Fees deducted from your pay cheques for the rest of the year, October-June are MTS fees.


WSD Parking Fees for 2011/2012
$210.00+ $10.50 GST = $220.50 with electrical outlet
$185.00 + $9.25 GST  =  $194.25 without electrical outlet


2011/2012 WTA Executive and Council Dates


September 7   October 5
November 2  December 2 & 7
January 11 February 1
March 7 April 4
May 9 June 6 & 18


September 12  October 11
November 9 December 5
January 17 February 8
March 5 April 12
May 15 June 12

Retirement Reception—June 13, 2012—Shaarey Zedek

All of the above meetings begin at 5:45 PM and are held in The Manitoba Teachers’ Society Arnett Auditorium (unless otherwise noted.)  Snack will be provided at 6:00 PM outside the Auditorium.


Reminder Re WSD Courier:

The WTA receives courier service from the WSD once a week on Mondays.
The information sent is from the Administration Building only.  Individuals/schools should NOT send info. to the Association through the Courier unless the Association advises otherwise i.e. during elections, negotiations.  Remember:  individuals shouldNOT send personal materials through the Division Courier.



When you up-grade your classification you must inform Manitoba Education & Certification in Russell (1-800-667-2378) as soon as you have your documentation from the University.  Manitoba Ed. & Cert. will process the documentation and forward information to the Division so that you may be paid at your up-graded classification.

 Please make sure when you receive any information from Manitoba Ed. & Cert. that they have your correct classification.  The onus is upon you to make sure your classification (and therefore your pay scale) is correct.


Counselling Services

Counselling services are available to ALL WTA members.  Keystone Counselling Associates are the Association’s counsellors.  They can be reached at 338-3339.

Contracted teachers within the WTA may also access The Manitoba Teachers’ Society’s Educators’ Assistance Program (EAP) at 888-7961 or 837-5801.


Religious Holy Leaves for Members
of the Winnipeg Teachers’ Association
(excerpt from the WTA Collective Agreement)

for teachers requiring religious holy leaves prior to October 15th, ten (10) working days notice in writing shall be given to the Division, for teachers requiring religious holy days October 15th or later, notice in writing of leave required for that school year shall be given by September 30th.

for those teachers commencing employment with the Division at a time other than the start of the school year and who require religious holy leave, notice in writing, shall be given to the Division within ten (10) working days of active employment.


Dental Plans Benefits and Coverage

Plan Covers:
– spouses of eligible contracted teachers/lab assistants
– dependent child under 18 years of age
– dependent child under 25 years of age if fulltime student
– dependent child who was incapacitated for a continuous period beginning before age 18 or while a fulltime student and before age 25

Annual Deductible: $15.00 person/$30.00 family.  If both spouses are WTA members the maximum deductible is $30.00 in a calendar year.
(Note: there is a deductible holiday for the 2011 calendar year.)

Annual Benefit Maximum:
Routine and major combined = $2,500.00 per person
Orthodontic = $1250.00 per person
Total = $3750.00 per person

Any Routine or Major Treatment expected to cost over $300.00 and all Orthodontic treatment must first be submitted to Great-West Life.

Great-West Life Office Mailing Address:
Winnipeg Benefit Payments
P.O. Box 3050
Winnipeg, MB
R3C  4E5
Phone:  942-3589

Plan No. 51001
The 2011 Dental Fee Guide is in effect.

-100% Coverage
– 60% Coverage
– 50% Coverage
– cleaning, bitewing x-ray, fluoride (limit twice in a calendar year)

– oral examinations

– full mouth x-rays (once every 24 months)

– extractions

– dental surgery (excluding orthodontic or extensive procedures)

– diagnostic x-ray and lab work

– general anesthesia

– endodontic treatment (root canal)

– periodontal treatment (gum disease)

– treatment for relief of dental pain

– injected medication

– space maintainers (not used for orthodontic purposes)

– consultations-relines, rebases and repairs to existing dentures

– pit and fissure sealants (up to age 19)

-crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, etc.

– replacements of prosthodontics (dentures, etc.) if appliance is at least 5 years old

– procedures involving gold if no reasonable substitute at lower cost could be rendered

– correction of malocclusions of teeth

– appliances

– observation adjustments


– bands

– consultations

Benefit payments for orthodontic treatment
are spread of the treatment period


The Winnipeg Teachers’ Association
2011/2012 Telephone List

Winnipeg Teachers’ Association Office……………………831-7104/FAX: 837-9698
Glenda Shepherd, WTA Administrative Assistant (e-mail:
Dave Najduch, WTA President (e-mail:
Nathan Martindale, WTA Vice-President (e-mail:

WTA Counselling Service………………………………………………………………………338-3339           Keystone Counselling Associates

Manitoba Teachers’ Society……………………………………………888-7961/FAX:  831-0877
Henry Shyka, WTA Business Agent, MTS Staff Officer
Nancy Kerr, MTS Staff Officer


Legal Assistance Programme (Myers Weinber) ………………………………….942-0501

Winnipeg School Division Administration Building………………………………775-0231
Substitute Request Line…………………………………………………………………………772-0691
Substitute Help Line………………………………………………………………………………789-0475*
*between the hours of 6:45 AM and 2:45 PM

ManuLife (Extended Health Benefit Carrier)
Information Service Centre………………………………………………..1-800-268-6195
Web Site:

Teachers’ Retirement Allowance Fund (TRAF)…………………………………….949-0048

Teacher Certification Branch (Russell, MB)………………………………1-800-667-2378

The views expressed in all articles in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Association.

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society
Code of Professional Practice

The Code of Professional Practice establishes the required standards of conduct for all members of The Manitoba Teachers’ Society.  A teacher’s professional behaviour must reflect the spirit as well as the letter of the Code.

  1. A teacher’s first professional responsibility is to her or his students.
  2. A teacher acts with integrity and diligence in carrying out professional responsibilities.
  3. A teacher avoids involvement in a conflict of interest, recognizes that a privileged relationship with students exists and refrains from exploiting that relationship for material, ideological or other advantage.
  4. A teacher speaks and acts with respect and dignity, and deals judiciously with others, always mindful of their rights.
  5. A teacher respects the confidential nature of information concerning students and may give the information only to authorized personnel or agencies directly concerned with the student’s welfare.
  6. A teacher’s conduct toward colleagues is characterized by consideration and good faith.
  7. A teacher first directs any criticism of the professional activity of a colleague to that colleague in private. Only after informing the colleague of the intent to do so, the complainant may direct in confidence the criticism to appropriate officials through the proper channels of communication.
  8. A teacher shall not be considered in contravention of the Code in:
    a) consulting with the Society or the president of the member’s local association;
    b) reporting reasonable grounds for suspected child abuse according to legalrequirements;
    c) making a complaint of harassment under the provisions of a policy established in accordance with provincial workplace safety and health legislation.
  9. A teacher does not bypass immediate authority to reach higher authority without first exhausting the proper channels of communication.
  10. A teacher makes an ongoing effort to improve professionally.
  11. A teacher adheres to collective agreements negotiated by the professional organization.
  12. A teacher neither applies for nor accepts a position which is included in a Society in- dispute declaration.
  13. A teacher or group of teachers makes only authorized representations to outside bodies on behalf of the Society or its local associations. Without the express permission of the Society, no member(s) conferring with outside bodies may explicitly or implicitly claim that they represent the Society or its local associations.

(Violation of the Code shall be addressed through application of MTS bylaws.) Revised:  Annual General Meeting 2011.


Active Members…Going on a
trip this summer vacation?

It’s almost summer vacation and you have been looking forward to travelling. Make sure that you take your ManuAssist card with you. That card is the only document that identifies you as a member of the plan.

The card should be filled in to include the number of our WTA Extended Health Benefits Plan—98240. The card should also have your membership number in the plan on it.  For most, but not all teachers, your number is your WSD employee number. (That is
the plan member certificate number that you use when making a claim for prescription medications, physiotherapy and other treatments.)

On the back of the card are toll free number you should contact if you need medical attention while in other parts of Canada, the US or other countries. If you have further questions BEFORE you leave on your vacation, you can contact Manulife at their
toll free number:


Having a first aid travel kit would enable you to deal with minor scrapes, cuts and
burns yourself.  Be sure you have sufficient supplies of any prescription medications you take.  It is advisable to keep these in their original labeled containers, and to
carry them with you in your ‘carry-on’ bags/backpacks.

Before leaving your working location at the end of June, make sure you have sufficient Manulife claim forms for the summer period.  You can download our EHB claim forms from the Manulife website by the following process:

  • Type benefits
  • Group Benefits Customers, in Step 1 select “Plan Member”; in Step 2, enter 98240 as your plan contract number; Click on “Go”
  •  “Quick access to the forms you need”, Click on “forms”
  •  Click on (Health Claim Forms) “Extended Health Care Claim”

You are now able to print an Extended Health Care Claim Form for your completion. 

(Please note, your dental coverage is provided by Great-West Life Assurance (GWL) therefore a GWL dental claim form would be needed for your dental claim
to be reimbursed.)

Have a safe and happy vacation!