Newsletter October 2014

School Trustee Elections

By: Nathan Martindale, WTA President

Why Serve on a WTA Committee?

By: Kristin Insull, WTA Vice-President

2014-2015 WTA Pre-Retirement Seminars

Manulife Extended Health Care Benefit Summary

policy 98240 for active WTA Members-
winnipeg school division

Provider: Manulife Financial

NIL deductible
100% reimbursement for Hospital and Ambulance expenses
100% reimbursement for Out-of-Province / Out-of-Country expenses
80% reimbursement for All Other expenses
• Semi-private Hospital coverage
• Ambulance:
Reimbursement of reasonable & customary charges within Manitoba
Reimbursement of up to $250 per trip outside of Manitoba
Non-emergency medical transfer service: $250 lifetime maximum


Prescription Drugs:
• Reimbursement of eligible drugs listed in the Manitoba Provincial formulary


Professional Services:

Medical Services and Supplies:
Hearing Aids – $2,000 per 5 calendar years (repairs and batteries not covered)
Private Duty Nursing – $10,000 per calendar year
Cardiac Rehabilitation treatment – $300 per lifetime per insured
Surgical Brassieres – 4 per calendar year
Breast Prosthesis – Reasonable & Customary
Orthopedic Shoes – 1 pair per calendar year when part of a brace, if not part of a brace, 50% of the cost of 1 pair per calendar year
Orthotics – $400 per 3 calendar years
• Charges for the treatment of accidental injuries to natural teeth or jaw, provided the treatment is rendered within 90 days of the accident, excluding injuries due to biting or chewing
• Wigs and hairpieces due to illness or accidental injury to a lifetime maximum of $1,000

Manulife reasonable and Customary Guidelines

Submitting Manulife EHC claims online

Some claims, such as custom orthotics, may not be able to be submitted online.  Generally, prescriptions and visits to health care professionals are easily submitted.  Claims submitted online are processed and monies deposited into your account typically within 4-5 business days.