Newsletter October 2013

“Saying it best!”


By: Dave Najduch, WTA President

In addition to the above items, the expectations that the Winnipeg School Division holds for Elementary Teachers to assess and document their students throughout the year has become unreasonable… you said it best Dave ….we now do “Assessment instead of Learning”. Instead of doing term Report Cards, we now do CAP (EAP) in the form of the Pathway, and Math and Reading Continuums, throughout the year and more intensely at Reporting times.  The information documented in June has usually not changed dramatically when we reassess in the Fall, unless the student has come from another school in the Division.  In addition to this, teachers are ill-informed as to changes being implemented regarding the electronic and written methods of “bubbling” the info.  When we asked where we could see the changed recording form, we were told that the on-line Math recording form had not yet been developed for the October 31 deadline.

At the school level, low staff morale, lack of direct communication from Administration, lack of respect for “seasoned teachers”, changes for the sake of change, lack of support for our high need students, and are all issues that weigh heavily on those of us who have been through many transitions in our careers.  It’s fair to say “The times have changed” and teaching is no longer what it used to be.  I love to teach children and share in their successes, but that no longer seems to be the priority in our profession.

If you have any comments, feedback, questions or concerns about the meal period provision, AESOP or anything else, please call me at 204-831-7104 or email me at

For Your information

By: Nathan Martindale, Vice-President

Coverage for walkers/Wheelchairs under the Manulife Extended Health Benefit Plan

Coverage will be at 80% based on reasonable and customary charges.  Manulife suggests that an estimate be submitted to determine eligibility prior to the rental or purchase of these items.  This ensures that they can obtain any required information prior the member incurring the expense.

Here is the information required for a wheelchair/walker estimate:

  1. Diagnosis necessitating the wheelchair.
  2. Type of wheelchair prescribed by the physician (e.g. manual, scooter).
  3. The anticipated duration the patient will require the device (e.g. short term
    versus long term).
  4. Confirmation as to whether the patient previously had a wheelchair. If yes, please confirm how old the previous wheelchair is and the reason for replacement.
  5.  If electric, confirmation as to whether the patient can propel a manual wheelchair.  If yes, confirm why the patient requires an electric model versus a manual wheelchair.  Also, please confirm how far the patient can propel a manual  wheelchair, as well as the activities the patient requires the wheelchair for.
  6. The anticipated duration the requested device will provide the patient with independent mobility.

Please note that this information is not used to determine what type of wheelchair the patient will be assessed for, but rather what type of mobility device the physician considers the patient able to operate.

As well, the following additional information is required:

  1. If the patient is eligible for funding through a provincially mandated program,
    we will require their statement of payment.  If not eligible, please provide the provincial program’s letter of denial.
  2. An itemized statement from the supplier providing a complete breakdown of the cost of the wheelchair and any accessories attached to the wheelchair.

Please note that any costs incurred as a result of requesting this information are the responsibility of the insured. It should be noted that upon Manulife’s review, additional information might be required.  You will be notified in writing as to Manulife’s decision or, when necessary, our requirement for additional information.

2014 WTA Pre-Retirement Seminars

Hosted By: WTA Group Benefits Committee

If you are 48 years of age or older and a WTA member, you can register for one of the two WTA Pre-retirement Seminars offered for the 2013/2014 school year.

The dates for the seminars are:

  • January 21st, 2014 – 4:30 PM, McMaster House Arnett Auditorium
  • March 24th, 2014 – 4:30 PM, McMaster House Arnett Auditorium

Please e-mail Glenda Shepherd at for your TRAF authorization number and process for registration.

General Information

Reminder…Manulife Information

  1. the diagnosis of a medical condition and a prescription for shoes or boots as treatment for that medical condition.
  1. the name of the manufacturer, and the model name and/or model number of the shoes or boots.
  2. details  if the shoes or boots:
  3.  are attached to or part of a brace or
  4. have been altered/adjusted by the supplier for the specific medical needs of the wearer, including a description of the alterations.
  5. details of all costs, with costs for the footwear shown separately from costs for any alterations to them.
  6. the date the shoes or boots were picked up from the supplier.
  7. the original sales receipt showing the date and method of payment.