Newsletter January 2012

The New provincial report card

By: Dave Najduch, WTA President

The new report card process mandates the number of times the province expects members to report to parents.  We are asking the WSD to follow the provincial directive in this area. The Associations is concerned that members will be required to report using the provincial report card and then be asked to provide “progress reports”, “academic updates” and a host of other individual student informational documents to parents also. This creates a patch work of reporting structures across the division, and also has the potential to significantly impact on the workload for members.

Length of Anecdotal Comments:

The WSD must have clear expectations related to the length of the anecdotal comments members will be expected to complete in the spaces provided on the reports. It is not up to school administration or parent demands to determine what is to be and not to be included in the comments section. As the employer, the WSD has an obligation to ensure consistency across the system both from a member workload perspective and a parent informational point of view.

It was brought to the Association’s attention that the WSD recently held a workshop to look at wording for the new report cards at the high school level. Some of that time was spent looking to develop parent friendly wording for curricular goal/outcome statements.

The issue of technological supports and the new report cards is also important to the membership. For many members the implementation of the online elementary report cards a number of years ago was a disaster. The Division’s computer system was not ready and the result was a significant amount of additional teacher time put into trying to produce the same report card as previous years just done on line.  It took the WSD the better part of that school year to fix the major problems and while this was taking place teachers continued to be frustrated with the system.

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General Information


  1. Maternity/Parental Leave and the Dental Plan. Please be advised
    that individuals who go on (or are currently on) Maternity/Parental Leave are covered for the length of the leave 54 weeks.
  2. Maternity/Parental, Adoptive Leave Seminar – February 21st, 2012 –
    If you are interested in attending the seminar, please fill out the registration form, under the “Forms” section of the newsletter.

ManuLife Information

Life Events for Enrollment Status Change
An employee who had waived coverage initially is eligible
to join the plan upon:

  • marriage (including common-law after 12 months cohabitation)
  • legal separation/divorce
  • birth, legal guardianship or adoption of the firsteligible child
  • death of a spouse or dependent child
  • termination of a common-law relationship; or
  •  involuntary loss of coverage under spouse’s benefit plan (does not include retirement)

Note:  you must enroll within 90 days of the life event occurring.


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Collective agreement clause

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By: Nathan Martindale, Vice-President

Clause 21.01

Clause 21.02

Attending the Manitoba Teachers’ society annual general meeting


By: Kristin Insull, WTA AGM Chair

Are you looking to become more informed, more engaged in issues affecting the teaching profession in Manitoba?  The WTA needs
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