Newsletter April 2012

Odds and ends

By: Dave Najduch, President

Retirement/Resignation Deadline:
The official deadline for the WSD to receive either of these in writing is April 30, 2012.

We are now moving into the time of year when schools /programs look at going to camp. The following are just a few reminders:

  1. Many schools have camp activities in or very near the city and these are treated like any other regular school day. Teachers can be asked and/or expected to participate in the camp during these days, but acting as a supervisor overnight is done on a voluntary basis.
  2. If you remain in the building while others are away at camp, you should be receiving your preparation time as per the collective agreement. (180 minutes in elementary and 240 minutes in grades 7-12 per cycle). If you are asked to provide coverage during your preparation time for those away at camp, you should be inquiring as to when this time will be returned to you.
  3. The students that attend camp are determined by the administration of the school in consultation with the staff. Not all students have to go to camp.
  4. If you are involved in an overnight camp, hours can be accumulated for the 50 for 1 compensatory provision offered by the WSD for extra-curricular activities. If the camp is during the school week and a member stays in the evening or overnight they log hours at a rate of 1-1 up to a maximum of 8 hours for that day.  If the camp involves a Saturday or a Sunday, they log hours at a rate of 1-1 up to a maximum of 16 hours.
  5. If you are involved in a camp trip with your school, remember that the same types of behavior are expected of students while at camp as you would have while they are in attendance at school.

Human Resources Memo-Days in Lieu:
Recently schools have received memos related to employees getting days in lieu for November 11 and July 1. The information provided in the memo applies to non-WTA employees. The school year (days we work) are set by the government each year. WTA members do not receive pay for November 11 or July 1 and therefore are not able to take the days in lieu.

Maternity Leave Provisions:
There is some confusion among members regarding the application of the Maternity provision found in the collective agreement related to returning to work after the completion of a leave. The following is the current C.A wording:

1.8 Reinstatement of Employee
An employee who wishes to resume employment on the expiration of leave granted in accordance with this section shall be reinstated by the Division in the position occupied at the time such leave commenced or in a comparable position with not less than the same wages and benefits.

WTA Member Participation

By: Nathan Martindale, Vice-President

The Winnipeg Teachers’ Association

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