Short Term Disability Plan FAQ

The Short Term Disability Plan of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society is a self-insured plan intended to provide income replacement to members for periods of disability less than eighty days.  Beyond 80 days, and the exhaustion of accumulated sick leave, a member may be placed on Long Term Disability.  Participation in the Long Term Disability Plan, and subsequent payment of premiums, is mandatory for members of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society.

At the November 17, 2015 Executive meeting, the following motion was passed:  THAT the WTA Executive pursue a membership referendum on the question of the Winnipeg Teachers’ Association joining the Manitoba Teachers’ Society Short Term Disability Benefits Plan.  The ballot asked each member if they were in favour of the WTA joining the MTS Short Term Disability Plan.  If a majority (50%+1) of the votes cast were in favour, the WTA would join the MTS STD Plan and we would ask the Winnipeg School Division to administer deduction of the premiums.

The results of the referendum were sent to Council Representatives on February 25, 2016. The membership has voted to join the Short Term Disability Plan.

Because the members of the Winnipeg Teachers’ Association have voted to accept enrolment in the Short Term Disability Plan, participation will be mandatory for all eligible members.

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How much does it cost?
Did we really need to pass this vote to receive a fourth family medical day?
A comparison of Employment Insurance Benefit and Short Term Disability Benefit
Sample calculation of EI and STD benefit


Who is eligible?
All contracted WTA members, term or permanent, full and part time.

Is there an age restriction?
No, as long as a member is eligible.

How will the premiums be deducted?
Premiums will be deducted each pay period, similar to the Long Term Disability premium.

How much is the benefit?
80% of net pay, with the stipulation that it will never be lower than 55% of gross pay.

What are my other options for replacing lost income while on disability?
Savings or assistance from other family.  You may be eligible to collect Employment Insurance Benefits, if you have accumulated sufficient insurable hours.  EI pays approximately $537 per week, prior to Federal and Provincial Tax levies.

How many members currently hold less than 80 accumulated sick days?
At the time of the writing of this document, it is approximately 1,100 members.  This accounts for a little less than 50% of the WTA membership.

How many MTS members are currently in the plan?
Approximately 10,000 of Manitoba’s 16,000 teachers are currently enrolled.  This number continues to change as more Associations join the plan.

Where can I get more information?
If you have specific questions pleasecontact the Winnipeg Teachers’ Association directly.

There is also information available from the Manitoba Teachers’ Society.

Did we really need to pass this vote to receive a fourth family medical day?
Yes.  With the recently ratified collective agreement, you will have access to three family medical days.  Without a short term disability plan, we would be restricted in our ability to bargain additional family medical benefit due to Employment Insurance Regulations.  Of the remaining 37 Associations in the province, 32 have access to four or more family medical days.

How much does it cost?
0.17% of salary.

Estimated premium deduction per pay period (subject to final calculations):

Experience (years) Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Class 7
0 $2.61 $2.90 $3.14 $3.78 $4.05 $4.29 $4.54
1 $2.70 $2.99 $3.28 $3.96 $4.23 $4.51 $4.71
2 $2.83 $3.14 $3.41 $4.17 $4.45 $4.72 $4.93
3 $2.96 $3.29 $3.62 $4.39 $4.66 $4.94 $5.18
4 $3.09 $3.44 $3.84 $4.61 $4.89 $5.16 $5.45
5 $3.22 $3.60 $4.06 $4.84 $5.11 $5.40 $5.71
6 $3.35 $3.90 $4.44 $5.07 $5.34 $5.66 $5.98
7 $5.30 $5.57 $5.91 $6.24
8 $5.50 $5.81 $6.17 $6.51
9 $5.83 $6.16 $6.53 $6.87

A Comparison of Employment Insurance (mandatory participation) & Short Term Disability Coverage

Employment Insurance
Administered by the Federal Government
Your contribution:1.88% of maximum annual insurable earnings ($50,800 in 2016)
Employer contribution: 140% of your contribution
New teachers may not qualify due to minimum required hours of work prior to benefit eligibility.
After you use up your accumulated sick leave, there is a two week (10 working days) waiting period before receiving benefits.
EI benefit is a maximum of 55% of $50,800 (assuming your salary > $50,800) = $537 per week
This benefit is taxable, meaning it will be less than $537 per week.
EI benefits are not pensionable (used in the calculation of your pension).

Short Term Disability
Administered by The Manitoba Teachers’ Society
Your contribution:0.17% of salary
No restriction based on hours or years of experience or age.  Can bridge accumulated sick leave, and long term disability, assuming eligibility requirements are met.
After you use up your accumulated sick leave, there is no waiting period before receiving benefits.
Benefit is approximately 80% of net (post-tax) earnings.
This benefit is not taxable.
Short Term Disability benefits are pensionable (used in the calculation of your pension).

Sample benefit calculation – assuming period of disability begins with zero banked sick leave, and lasts 80 days on a $75,000 salary

  Employment Insurance Short Term Disability
Waiting period 10 days None
Total days of benefit 70 days (14 weeks) 80 days (16 weeks)
Benefits received $537 x 14 = $7518 (pre-tax) $75,000 x 60% x 80/200 = $18,000
Monthly benefit ~$2327 (pre-tax) ~$4500
Prov and Fed tax deducted? Yes No
Pensionable? No Yes

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