31. Personnel Files and Adverse Reports

An employee may at a mutually agreed time review his/her personnel file after submitting a written request for such review to the Director of Human Resources or designate. The Division will have its representative present when the employee is examining his/her personnel file.

An employee shall have the right to respond in writing to any document contained in the personnel file.

Following written assessment of an employee’s performance, the employee will be given an opportunity to review the assessment and to acknowledge having read the contents of the assessment. The employee will be provided with the opportunity to place his/her own comments on the assessment form up to twelve (12) working days after reviewing the assessment, and the employee will receive a duplicate copy for his/her records. For the purpose of this article working days shall be defined as those days that the Board Office is open to serve the public. The Division will not introduce as evidence at any Arbitration Hearing and an Arbitration Board shall not accept as evidence any document which is disciplinary in nature, unless the employee has been previously advised of the nature of the discipline and has been provided with a copy of such document on request.