Teacher of Tomorrow Scholarship Application

From WTA Council Policy:

An annual $5,000.00 scholarship be awarded to a member’s dependent child currently enrolled in an education certification program.  Criteria for the scholarship shall be:

  1. Must be a dependent child of a member in good standing of the Winnipeg Teachers’ Association. A dependent child is defined as any unmarried child, natural or adopted, a stepchild, or a child for whom someone is the legal guardian, under the age of twenty-five who is dependent on the WTA member for support and maintenance.  One is defined as married when one has a legal spouse or common-law spouse.
  1. Must provide proof of registration as a full-time student in an education certification program.
  1. Academic standing, citizenship, community involvement and volunteer experience will be considered.
  1. Applicants must complete an application form accompanied by a cover letter and all necessary documentation.
  1. References will be required.
  1. As part of the application process an interview may be required.

A selection committee comprised of Table Officers and the Public Relations Committee will select the successful candidate.

Click here to access the online application.