WTA Executive

The Executive of the Winnipeg Teachers’ Association (WTA) consists of the:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Immediate Past-President of the Association and
  • Up to nine additional members

The Association’s Business Agent also may attend Executive meetings and may participate in debate.

The Executive is responsible for:

  • Conducting day-to-day business;
  • Carrying out the instructions provided by Council; and
  • Delegating responsibilities not defined by the Constitution or bylaws to any one or more of the WTA members.

Every year on June 15, the new Executive takes office after being elected by membership. At their first meeting, which must be scheduled before June 30, they select Chairpersons for the standing committees and bring everyone up to speed on constitutional information, committee functions and any past or current problems.

Eight additional Executive meetings are held over the course of the year, which the President can call at any time. Additionally, a collection of any five members of the Executive can request a meeting.

A minimum of eight Executive members must be present at the Executive meeting to have quorum. Being absent from two or more consecutive meetings without satisfactory reasons will result in a member losing their seat on the Executive.

Meet the current members of the WTA Executive.