2022-2023 WTA Executive acclaimed

The following members of The Winnipeg Teachers’ Association have been acclaimed for positions on the 2022-2023 WTA Executive as indicated below:
President                  Gregg Walker, WTA Office
Vice-President        Kristen Fallis, WTA Office
Treasurer                  Sam Zurzolo, Elmwood
Secretary                  Kristy Frohwerk, Lord Nelson
Executive Members at Large
Winston Blakey, Sargent Park
Dave Brown, Argyle
David Harack, Tec Voc
Shelagh McGregor, Inkster
Cheryl Ottenbreit, ISS
Jon Romu, Kelvin
Paul Shiaro, Andrew Mynarski
Dan Waldron, St. John’s
Beth Burrows, Support Services

According to the WTA Constitution, this slate of nominees constitutes a full Executive, therefore no election will be required.


S. Kozarchuk, Chair, WTA Executive Nominating and Elections Committee