• February 12, 2016
  • News

The role of a member of the Executive is an interesting one. It is both eye opening and rewarding.  It takes a person who is interested in learning more about the rights, responsibilities and working conditions of our colleagues.  It is a role that requires you to think big picture, to make decisions for the betterment of the whole association and not just for those teachers in your workplace.

If you have ever wondered what the members of the Executive do, now is your chance to find out. The Executive meets once a month with the chairs of various committees providing reports on their meetings.  The president and vice-president also provides reports and information related to their meetings and activities.  These reports are often very interesting to hear and can drive engaging discussions.

Often, the executive will discuss business and make recommendations to Council. Sometimes these come in the form of resolutions dealing with Council Policy, Constitution changes, budget items and our annual fee.  The discussion and debate around these resolutions can test your thinking and debating skills.

Other reasons for running for a position on the Executive are less apparent; gaining a better understanding of the Association and its history, learning about the various WTA committees and where your membership fee goes, and best of all being a part of an organization that makes a real difference in a teacher’s life. If you like to help colleagues, then this is a role for you.

Each member of the association should consider running in the upcoming Executive Election and ‘giving back’ to the organization and each member has something to contribute. If you are interested, before 4:00 PM March 1, 2016, please contact myself or Michael Krauss at the WTA office.

Winston Blakey, Chairperson, WTA Nominations and Election Committee