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WSD Surplus Declaration Process

  • April 25, 2016
  • News

The WSD has made some changes to the surplus declaration process.

Teachers who are being declared surplus will be informed before the first staffing bulletin.

Human Resources Officers will attend the meetings with principals when a teacher is declared surplus. Human Resources will advise the teacher of their rights under the Collective Agreement (copied below).  Teachers will be able to apply through the staffing bulletins and if they don’t find a position, they will be placed.  A committee made up of Superintendents, Directors and representatives from the Human Resources Department will determine which individuals are short listed for positions.  This committee is also responsible for determining where a surplus teacher is placed at the end of June, including teachers returning from a leave.

Excerpt from the Collective Agreement:

27.02   Division Initiated Transfers

(a)  The Board’s right to initiate a transfer shall be exercised fairly and reasonably having regard to all the circumstances including, in particular, the educational needs of the Division, which shall be the paramount consideration and, as a secondary consideration, the needs of the teacher involved.

(b)  Prior to any Division initiated transfer occurring, the Division shall provide to any teacher being considered for such a transfer an opportunity for consultation with respect to the transfer.

(c)  The most reasonable notice possible given the circumstances shall be provided to a teacher who is being transferred by the Division.

(d)  In exceptional cases, the Division may transfer a teacher on Teacher Improvement Procedures after consultation with the Association and the teacher.