Violence and Harassment Prevention

  • October 27, 2017
  • News

Violence and Harassment at Work.  Here is what you need to know!


What is violence as defined by Workplace Safety & Health Legislation?

Violence means:

  1. The attempted or actual exercise of physical force against a person; and
  2. Any threatening statement or behaviour that gives a person reasonable cause to elieve that physical force will be used against the person.


If you experience or view an act of violence as defined by the act, you must report it.

An act of violence is NOT an accident.

What is harassment?

Harassment includes:

  1. Discriminatory harassment based on any of the prohibited grounds (Race, ancestry, religion, gender/sex, marital status, physical or mental disability, source of income, age, sexual orientation, ethnic/national origin or citizenship, family status, political belief, physical size or weight).
  2. Sexual harassment
  3. Personal harassment and psychological harassment.

EVERY worker is entitled to work free of harassment! Intent is irrelevant- it is the effect that is important.

Here is a link to the form report a violent incident and/or harassment.  You must sign into the WSD portal to access the link.  The best way to use the form is to download, print and send to Workplace Safety and Health Attn: Pierre Dufault.  Make a copy for yourself.

You can also call the WSD’s WPS&H Intake Line at 204-789-0492 to report violence, harassment, or any other workplace safety and health concern.

Contact the WTA office for further assistance in reporting and dealing with harassment or violence at work.