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Tracking your personal leave days

  • March 10, 2016
  • News

The newly ratified 2014-2018 Collective Agreement includes the provision of a second personal leave day per year at no cost.  The entitlement to personal leave days is pro-rated, so if you are working less than 1.0 FTE, you may wish to contact the Winnipeg School Division Payroll Department at 204-775-0231 for clarification.

These personal leave days can be banked up to three in any given year, and cannot be combined with any other leave for an absence greater than three days total.  Further, they cannot be taken on PD/Admin days, or appended to winter, spring or summer break, and must be used in their entirety (ie. no half-day increments).  In schools with 40 or more equivalent full time teachers no more than three teachers shall be granted leave on the same day. In schools with less than 40 full time equivalent teachers no more than two teachers per school shall be granted leave on the same day.

So,  how can you find out how many days you may access?

  1.  Log into the WSD Portal.  Your credentials are the same as your email.  If you are not on the WSD network, you must add to your username.
  2.  Click on Employee Connect (on the right hand side) and log in.
  3.  Click on Absences, the tab in the top left hand corner, and select Absence Details.
  4.  In the dropdown menu “Limit Details to Type” select “Discretionary Teachers – DISCT”.  This will show you your prior usage of personal leave, and you should be able to then determine your remaining entitlement.

If you have any issues in accessing Employee Connect, or are unable to determine your personal leave entitlement, contact the Winnipeg School Division directly.  The Winnipeg Teachers’ Association does not have access to individual members’ leave information.