The 411 on staff meetings

  • November 25, 2015
  • News

The information contained in this article does not cover all possible scenarios and situations that may arise.  It only reviews what exists in current documentation.  If you require assistance, contact the WTA Office directly.

The Code of Rules, appended to the Collective Agreement sets out the duties of school staff.

The duties of teachers include: “Unless expressly excused, teachers shall attend all meetings called by the Superintendent or principal during the school day for the purposes of discussing matters of concern to the school.

A common question relates to the attendance of part-time teachers at staff meetings.  For this, we look to the Administration Handbook (available for viewing on the WSD Portal):

Part-time teachers will attend staff meetings if the meeting is held adjacent to their normal work schedule. However, if they do not attend when the meeting is held at a time not adjacent to their work schedule it shall be their responsibility to secure the information presented.