Michelle Wolfe


As the WTA’s President, Michelle Wolfe knows the power of building relationships with WTA members and teachers around the province. She is passionate about the WTA’s ability and right to bargain with our employer so that all members are supported in their various jobs. This is her 21st year with the Division and her eleventh year (non-consecutive) on the WTA Executive team.

In grade 11, Michelle found her calling. A music, band and drama lover since high school, Michelle was thrilled to do a work experience placement with the music and kindergarten teachers in the elementary school that she had attended and it clicked – she just knew that teaching was the job for her.

In the ’90s and 2000s (and even still, when she’s feeling nostalgic) Michelle could be found rocking out to anything by the Barenaked Ladies, Tainted Love, Video Killed the Radio Star, No Rain…she could do this all day!

Email: pres@wta.mb.ca