Personal Leave Days

  • October 11, 2017
  • FAQ

Q. Tell me more about Personal Leave Days.

A.Each full time teacher is allowed two (2) Personal Leave Days per school year. Part-time teachers days are prorated to their contract time.

You can carry over one (1) unused day to be used in the next school year.

Days may be attached to Long Weekends, but may not be attached to Winter, Spring, or Summer Breaks or PD/Admin Days

Days can be attached to an Extra-Curricular Compensatory day provided that the maximum number of days absent is three (3)

Days can not be split into half days.

You do not need to provide the reason for taking the days.

No more that two (2) members may access this leave on the same day in schools with 40 or less WTA members, and no more than three (3) members in schools with more than 40 WTA members except in extenuating circumstances

To access Personal Leave Days, you must fill out a short leave of absence form and submit to the Principal, it is then approved by the Division.