Chapter 4: Instructional Staff

Section 4.1 ‑ Qualifications for Appointment as Teacher

In making recommendations for appointments, the Superintendent shall give preference to those applicants with the highest qualifications.  The qualifications required shall be a composite of those factors which are essential and desirable for a position on the teaching staff and shall include: educational qualifications, personal qualifications as determined through interviews and references, teaching experience, special qualifications or training required for a particular position, and any evidence of special experience or capacity that would contribute to the teacher’s effectiveness in the Winnipeg School Division schools.

Section 4.2 ‑ Assignment of Staff

A teacher shall be assigned to a specific position by or under the direction of the Superintendent, and may be transferred to any other position for which the teacher is qualified.  Transfers which involve promotion or demotion of a teacher to, or in, or from administrative or supervisory positions shall be submitted to the Board for approval.

Each teacher shall be given at least twenty (20) teaching days’ notice by registered mail of any intended reduction of the teacher’s salary by reason of a change in the teaching position, and the rights of the teacher as provided in the individual teacher’s contract, or of the Association as provided in the Collective Agreement shall be available to such teacher and/or the Association.

After two (2) years, no employee in an administrative or supervisory position shall suffer a reduction in salary or position until:

  1. First receiving notice in writing of the specific reason or reasons why such reduction in salary or position is contemplated, and
  1. Such employee shall have the opportunity of a hearing, and to make representation in person or through a representative to the Board in camera to answer the complaint.

Section 4.3 ‑ Transfer of Employees

Transfers may be made at the initiative of the Superintendent or other administrative officer or at the request of the teacher, and for any purpose which, in the judgment of the Superintendent, is best for the welfare of the teacher or the schools.

All requests for transfers, whether for the individual or for a subordinate, shall be submitted in writing with an explanation of the reasons for such a request.

An application for transfer from a teacher shall, upon request by the teacher, be considered confidential, until such time as it becomes necessary to confer with the teacher’s present and prospective superior officers in making final decisions and arrangements.

Section 4.4 ‑ Promotion

The criteria and procedures used by The Winnipeg School Division in the selection of personnel for appointment to principalships, vice‑principalships, and other administrative positions shall be determined by the Superintendent.  While preference will normally be given to candidates who best meet these criteria, consideration may also be given to candidates who are outstanding teachers and who meet the requirements for a certain position but who do not conform to all the established criteria.  Therefore, while the following items are not completely definitive, they provide guidelines for making appointments.

Experience ‑ Preference will be given to candidates who are intimately acquainted with many phases of the school system.  Experience at different grade levels, in special programs, at different schools, and under different principals is desirable.  Candidates who have a wide knowledge of the school system should be better suited, other factors being equal, to perform the administrative tasks.  The amount of time necessary to gain a broad experiential background is considered to be at least ten (10) years’ service in the school system.

Education ‑ The minimum educational qualifications for appointment to an administrative position shall be the first bachelor’s degree with one (1) year of graduate study in education (e.g., B.A., B.Ed.).  Preference will be given to candidates who hold Masters’ degrees.

Scholarship ‑ Preference will be given to candidates who have attained at least second class standing in their last two (2) years of university education.

Physical and Mental Fitness ‑ Candidates for administrative positions should be in good physical and mental health.

Personal Factors ‑ Because testing instruments have not yet been developed which can measure an individual’s personality, the assessment of this criterion depends upon the subjective judgment of the selectors.  To maintain good interpersonal relationships, to make sound decisions, and to possess the necessary drive and enthusiasm to stimulate others, are some of the essential qualities of a good administrator.  These supplement or include the following factors in which candidates should rate high: leadership, ability to teach, character, interest in and liking for children, ability to get along with people, organizing and executive ability, tact and diplomacy.

In selecting personnel for appointment to administrative positions, the Superintendent may employ any or all of the following procedures: a test of analytical ability, a written analysis of a hypothetical educational situation, classroom visit from the Superintendent or one of the Superintendent’s assistants, a rating of administrative potential by the principal, and a personal interview.