Manulife Extended Health Care rate increase effective March 1, 2017

  • March 1, 2017
  • News

The Winnipeg Teachers Association provides our membership with comprehensive health and dental benefits, to help keep our members and their families healthy and financially secure.

Each year, our Health and Dental plans are renewed, and we undertake a full analysis of the claims experience and premiums paid during the prior period, with an eye to setting the rates for the coming year in order to cover projected claims and expenses.  Despite rising health costs and inflation for health related treatment and services averaging 8 – 12% each year, WTA members have not experienced an increase in health rates for more than seven years.

This year, in renewing our health plan, our carrier Manulife reported that our plan paid out slightly more in claims than we paid to them in premium.  Consequently, they requested a 10% increase to premium rates this year, taking into consideration that:

  • Average annual claims per member have continued to increase year on year, while our premiums stayed flat (average claims per member this year increased 6.4% over the prior year)
  • Health care inflation for 2016/17 based on our plan experience was 7% year on year
  • Out of country claims are generally paid in US dollars, so the strength of our Canadian dollar has impact
  • New drugs and technologies coming on the market can bring better tools for care, but tend to come with a higher price tag
  • There may be some cost shifting of treatments and services currently covered under our provincial health plan to private plans with budget cuts proposed for healthcare

Our independent analysis felt that an increase was justified at this time in order to keep our plan sustainable and continue to provide our membership and their families with the robust coverage we enjoy today.  We did, however, negotiate a slightly lower increase at 7%.  As a result, effective March 1st, our rates will be increasing to:

Active Members
Effective March 1, 2017 Current
Single $54.57 $51.00
Family $113.42 $106.00


Retired WTA Members and Community Liaison Officers
Effective March 1, 2017 Current
Single $66.00 $61.68
Family $137.72 $128.71