Manulife Enhancements Effective March 1, 2018

  • February 5, 2018
  • News
Enhancements to the Manulife Extended Health Care Plan effective March 1st, 2018:
Active Members:
1. Custom-made orthodics from $500/person/2 calendar year to $500 per person/calendar year
2. All vaccines (including Tetanus, Hepatitis, Rabies, Twin-Rex, Shingles, Meningogoccal, Gardasil and more) added – A comprehensive list can be provided
Retired Members:
1. Custom-made orthodics from $400/person/3cy to $400/person/2cy
2. Hepatitis and Shingles vaccines added
This will result in a global 6 percent increase in premiums for both actives and retirees.
The new premium structure is as follows:
Class A Single $57.13
            Family $118.57
Class B Single $71.41
            Family $148.49
Class C Single $7.95
            Family $14.68
Class D Single $57.13
            Family $118.79
Class H Single $71.41
            Family $148.49
NOTE: There would have been a 9 percent increase to our premium with no plan enhancements, so the Group Benefits Committee opted to allocate part of our surplus to subsidize member premiums to make the increase only 6 percent including enhancements.
 For further information, contact Group Benefits Committee Chair