Photography Courtesy Of Ron Gilfillan Of Tec Voc Photogaphy.

Honouring Ray Stoyko, WTA President (2007)

  • November 3, 2015
  • News

Ray Stoyko was elected the President of The Winnipeg Teachers’ Association in
April, 2007. Prior to his full-time involvement with The Association, Ray taught
English and Drama at Kelvin High School. He had a passion for the classics—both
in literature and in art. He was a great supporter of local artists, including a number
of his colleagues. As much as Ray had a passion for the arts, he had a greater
passion for his profession—teaching. He was a true educator that instilled his love
for literature and the arts into the minds of his students. Ray encouraged students
to reach for the potential he knew they possessed.

Ray’s passion and dedication continued into the Association and for his fellow colleagues.
One of his priorities for this organization was communication and member engagement.
He knew that as the world and Winnipeg School Division were change/evolving—so
must The WTA. Ray knew the importance of the Association. He believed in the WTA
and for what it stands.

When Ray was the Chairperson of the Public Relations Committee, he advocated for
and instituted the first WTA scholarships, awarded to a graduating student from each
Winnipeg School Division High School. These scholarships continue to be awarded annually.
Ray was very proud to be the President of The Winnipeg Teachers’ Association. He was
known as a quiet, intelligent, quick-witted, and thoughtful man. The Winnipeg Teachers’
Association is pleased to offer this final scholarship in honour of his service to Rachel Link and Kezia Stoesz.

Thank you to Mrs. Judy Stoyko and family for presenting the awards.