Greetings from your new Vice President

Greetings Teachers.

I am writing this while still basking in the glow of Summer Break while looking ahead to a new school year.  I have enjoyed fun times with my family, adventures, with my kids, and shared some laughs with good friend.  Summer is the time to recharge.  This summer however was also different for me in that I spent it looking ahead to a new challenge, a new role in the organization, and a whole new job.

Instead of setting up a classroom, I organized an office.  It was a strange experience.  I didn’t hang posters, arrange furniture, organize books, or sort toys (early years teacher here).  This year I set up a computer, learned how to work a new copier, puts things in desk drawers, set up a workspace which changed many times even before actually starting to do the work.  Even though my pre-first-day-of-school setup was different than what I am used to, I was reminded about all the things that teachers do to prepare for the year.  Planning, organizing, shopping, sorting, cleaning, and more.  Thank you teachers for all the work that you put in before students walk in the door.

One of my early tasks was to set up the schedule for school visits.  Before I even started, there were about 50 days blocked off for other commitments for the office team.  How was I going to fit visits to all our locations while also leaving some flexible time for issues as they emerge?  It was a lot like solving a puzzle ( which I love).  So the draft is done and by now council reps will have received a letter with the date and other information for your visit.  This year we will be bringing lunch to each location and spend lunch breaks talking with as many members as possible.  We look forward to meeting with you updating you on what is going on in the association and addressing your questions.

By the time you read this, we will be a few days into the school year.  Whether you are starting in a new roll or returning to familiar surroundings, I would like to take this chance to wish you all the best for 2017-2018 school year.  Enjoy the good moments, ride out the tough ones, do your thing, and have a great year!


Michelle Wolfe