School Visits

After receiving your school visit date from the WTA office, click here to confirm the visit.

Please make sure that you provide the number of WTA members in the building and any dietary restrictions.


October 10, 2019





 This memo is addressed to the WTA Council Representative at «School_Name».  If you are not the 2019-2020 WTA Council Representative, please forward this memo to that person.

This year our school visit is scheduled to take place on «Date_of_Visit» over the lunch hour. 

 We will provide important information to members and then respond to individual questions, comments, and/or concerns. The visit will be informal in nature.

The WTA office will order pizza and salad and will provide the paper plates, plastic cutlery and napkins to serve the lunch.

As a part of your role as the Council Representative, please assist us with the following tasks:

  1. Share the information with your school administration. If the date or time does not fit with your current school calendar, ask administration for an alternate date and time. Share this information with me at prior to completing the online form.
  2. The meeting is voluntary and only for WTA members. Keeping this in mind, select the location for the visit and book the space required. A space other than the staff room is preferred (i.e., library, MPR, classroom).
  3. Provide for the following school announcement to be delivered the day before and the day of the visit.

       On «Date_of_Visit», WTA members are invited to attend an informal lunch hour session with Michelle Wolfe, WTA President, and/or Dave Najduch, WTA Vice-President, in the (insert location). Pizza and salad will be provided.

  1. Arrange to meet Michelle and/or Dave on the day of the school visit to escort them to the meeting location and to make introductions to the members. Help with ensuring the pizza and salad are sent to the right location when it is delivered to the school office.


Go to the WTA web site at WTA.MB.CA. Click the Forms drop down menu found at the top of the page. Then click School Visits and complete the WTA School Visit Confirmation Form as soon as the date and time has been finalized in your location. A copy of this information sheet is also provided for you. In the event changes occur or you have questions, please contact me at

Thank you for your assistance and prompt attention to this matter.