• November 12, 2015
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When can I make an enrolment status change in my Manulife Extended Health Care Plan?

Participation in the Extended Health Care plan is mandatory for all new employees. Benefits may only be waived with proof that you are covered for Extended Health Care under your spouse’s plan.

You may change dependent status within 90 days of one of the following Life Events:

  • legal separation,
  • marriage (including common-law after 1 year cohabitation),
  • divorce,
  • birth, legal guardianship or adoption of the first eligible child,
  • death of a spouse or dependent child,
  • termination of a common-law relationship, or
  • involuntary loss of coverage under your spouse’s benefit plan (example – job loss). The loss of coverage due to a spouse’s retirement is considered to be voluntary withdrawal and therefore is not considered a Life Event,
  • term teaching contract becoming permanent.

Enrolment Status Changes

Active Employees only: You are required to enroll in accordance with your true family status. You may however, choose to waive coverage if you are covered for similar benefits under your spouse’s plan by declaring this on your enrolment form. You will have the option to change your enrolment status (Single or Family) election following your initial enrolment only, when you have a Life Event. Application for changing your enrolment status must be made within 90 days of the Life Event, along with confirmation of the date of the Life Event. Applications will not be accepted under this plan beyond 90 days following the Life Event.

Retirees only: You are required to enroll in accordance to the status for which you were enrolled prior to your retirement date (Single or Family). Should you no longer have any eligible dependents, you may change from Family to Single status following your enrolment into the Retiree plan. Once Single coverage is elected, you can no longer change your coverage to Family status following your retirement date.